Older Adults in Buenos Aires, a complete guide to the best options to get to know the city.

As we well know, Buenos Aires is a huge city full of corners to discover, as well as many different activities to fully enjoy it.

For this reason, we recommend coming with time or more than once to be able to know as much as possible, since in each visit and in each space, it will leave you wanting more.

We faithfully believe that tourism is not simply knowing places, but experiencing each area with all the sensations that they transmit to us. This being our main reason, we decided to put together a selection of the spaces that you cannot miss and that are best suited to older people. Obviously, you can build it to your liking, divide it by days and even expand the options!

Now, let’s see this great guide for Older Adults in Buenos Aires:

Historical Center

Older Adults in Buenos AiresSince the Plaza de Mayo is the most emblematic and important place in the city, we recommend you start here. It is characterized by being the Plaza that served as the venue for innumerable political and historical events for the country.

Around the square you can see different important buildings such as the Pink House, the Cabildo and the Metropolitan Cathedral, where Pope Francis officiated.

One block from there, on Avenida de Mayo, you can have a coffee at the prestigious and renowned Café Tortoni (here we tell you more about this historic place).

Heading towards the border with the San Telmo neighborhood, you can visit the Manzana de las Luces and the Palace of the Legislature.

Walking down Florida Street is not always the best idea, given the number of people who frequent it, but for a shopping trip, it is an excellent option!

Going to the Retiro side, you can take a break in the famous San Martín Plaza. Follow this link for more information.

Here you can join our Free Historic Center Tour and learn more about the history of Buenos Aires!


Puerto Madero

Older Adults in Buenos AiresA few blocks from the Center of the city, you will already be in the Puerto Madero area. It is one of the most modern neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, which is home to a huge gastronomic offer, as well as being a fairly high-end residential area. Here you will find the most luxurious hotels, beautiful art galleries, design bars or signature restaurants, giant skyscrapers, and you can enjoy walking through its beautiful streets until you reach the Coast.

Also, you can take a photo on the Woman’s bridge, visit the Frigate Sarmiento and take a walk in the nature of the Ecological Reserve, the largest green space in the entire city.

Here you can see more about what to do in Puerto Madero!



Older Adults in Buenos AiresOne of the largest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, subdivided with different names such as Old Palermo, Palermo Soho, Little Palermo… but, the most differentiated areas are those of Old Palermo and Little. The first one has wide, cobbled streets, surrounded by trees that decorate the low houses and shops in the neighborhood. Here, you will find many designer shops (Palermo Soho), various bars and gourmet restaurants. In the case of Little Palermo, it is where most of the embassies, mansions and the largest green spaces.

If you are interested in enjoying Nature and a beautiful moment in the open air, do not miss out on visiting the Rosedal and the Palermo Parks.

Here we tell you everything you can do in Palermo!


San Telmo

Older Adults in Buenos AiresIf it is about tradition and antiquity, this is the preferred neighborhood to immerse yourself in all the Buenos Aires tradition. With an architectural heritage that will dazzle your eyes, it also has endless tanguerías and typical food restaurants.

Traditional still lifes, the street fairs of Defensa and Dorrego Square, the Tango dancers and the antique houses, bring a magic different from any other area of ​​Buenos Aires.

We invite you to join our Tour San Telmo here to get to know the most beautiful corners of this neighborhood.


La Boca and Caminito

La BocaNeighborhood that became the seat of the famous conventillos for immigrants who came to our country through the Port. Close to Puerto Madero and San Telmo, it is a neighborhood that stands out for its squares painted in infinite colors.

Each street in itself is like an open-air museum! Without a doubt, Caminito is the best letter of introduction to this area of ​​Buenos Aires. Here, you will find a lot of art in the streets and on the walls, as well as running into many Tango dancers. Every day, you can enjoy the Plastic Artists Fair in Caminito, where you can even take home some work for not so high prices.

Here you can join our Tour La Boca!


Museums of Buenos Aires

Museums of Bs AsFor those who enjoy art, we have a complete guide to the best museums in Buenos Aires, most of which are in the areas of Palermo and Recoleta, just a few blocks away so you can see more than one on the same day!

Here we leave you the link to obtain more information about each museum and choose the one you prefer to know!




Tercera EdadThe city of Buenos Aires has a special program for the elderly, which takes place in different parks and squares, every week. With free recreational, cognitive, sports activities, as well as health checks and vaccination programs.

To spend a healthy and active moment, physical activities adapted to each case are offered, walks, art workshops, stretching, theater, recreational activities, awareness talks, medical check-ups, among others.

The requirements to participate is to be over 60 years of age and to be close to the places where the program takes place. Here we leave you the link for more information and to access the contact form.

As another extra attraction, the Modern Museum located in San Telmo, has a program of different activities. More information here.

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