Palermo neighborhood is famous for its parks that today make up the most popular green spaces in the city of Buenos Aires. Its exceptional collection of gardens makes it an ideal place for those who like to walk and do outdoor activities.

Here we list the different gardens and parks of Palermo. All of them are close to each other and can be visited in half a day if they have a good pace or in a whole day if you want to relax. You can also have lunch or dinner there at the Gastronomic Pole on Paseo de la Infanta.

If you want to visit only one park for a long time, the most recommended is The Rosedal. If you are looking for something exotic and good for children we recommend the Japanese Garden. For a deeper interest in species and ecology, the Ecopark and the Botanical Garden.

On the city map you will find all these parks and gardens between Santa Fe and Figueroa Alcorta avenues in the Palermo neighborhood. All are free except for the Japanese Garden.

February 3 Park

palermo parksThis park is popularly known as “los boques de Palermo” (Palermo Woods) and comprises a green area with various sectors and areas.

It is one of the oldest public walks in the city and undoubtedly the most popular for porteños to walk and play sports outdoors.

There is the Famous Rose Garden which we will talk about next.

The Rosedal

palermo parksThe Rosedal is the most famous park in Palermo and a must for all visitors who come to Buenos Aires.

This masterpiece of garden design brings together a large collection of 8000 roses of 93 different species in an idyllic walk with lakes, bridges, Mediterranean-style pergolas, busts of poets and even an Andalusian Patio.

It is an idyllic place, ideal for a romantic outing, to enjoy the trails and flowers and take many photos.

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The Japanese Gardens

buenos aires outdoors

The Japanese Garden of Buenos Aires was founded in 1967 by the Japanese emperor Akihito during his visit to our city.

It is the largest Japanese garden of its kind outside of Japan.

It is one of the favorite places for locals who enjoy visiting this oasis of Asian culture in Buenos Aires.

The gardens are extremely beautiful filled with Japanese tree species and sakura trees, traditional redwood bridges and gateways, small ponds, Japanese shrines, and koi fish swimming in their lakes.

For those traveling with children, this is a great place to have fun.

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The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Buenos Aires brings together species from the 5 continents of this world.

Despite being in the middle of busy Palermo, the thick forest of this place really takes you to another dimension.

Inside is a beautiful neo-medieval castle made of bricks hidden in the garden, an amazing greenhouse that is like a glass palace among the trees and a sculptural game one that makes a very romantic walk for those who visit it.

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Ecopark of Buenos Aires

palermo parksThe Ecopark is located where the Buenos Aires Zoo was originally located.

With modern times and new considerations about animal care, the city has decided, as far as possible, to relocate animal species and that the park becomes an interactive place where you can enjoy and learn about ecosystems and taking care for the environment.

In the park you can find the old structures of the zoo that make up a unique heritage restored: these are the old cages and enclosures for the animals that emulate architectures of the countries from which they came, with small temples and exotic palaces.

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Paseo de la Infanta Gastronomic Pole

palermo parksUnder the picturesque brick arches of the train and next to the access to the Rosedal and the February 3 Park there is a gastronomic pole with restaurants, breweries and ice cream parlors that make up an ideal place to stop at noon or have dinner after a visit to the parks.

The stores have large open-air areas with tables that look out over the park.

Here we leave you more information!

The Planetarium

palermo parksIf you go to the Rose Garden, you can walk a few meters to the Planetarium: a curious building in the shape of an alien ship dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge about the universe and the stars.

Ideal for those interested in modern architecture or for families if they can coordinate a visit to the museum or an interactive exhibition.

You can find more information in this article about the Planetarium.

Map of Palermo Parks

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