Ecopark in Buenos Aires

Ecopark in Buenos Aires, formerly known as the Palermo Zoo, which was closed and modified in 2016.

You may wonder what happened to all the species of animals that lived in that place… those that were in conditions of disease and / or rehabilitation are those that continued on this site (some are still waiting to be released to this day), and the rest were relocated to more suitable places for their animal life.

ecoparque buenos airesIt is a park open to the public in the heart of Palermo. Located at Av. Sarmiento and Av. Las Heras, it is in charge of the Ministry of the Environment and Public Space of the City. Several Special Projects have been created for animal care.

It is an open-air space with 16.7 hectares, suitable for the whole family, dedicated to environmental education through recreational and immersive experiences.

Here, you can learn about caring for animals and natural environments, through educational and recreational experiences, as well as technology through virtual reality.

Currently, only 50% of the park is open to the public, since the rest continue in works of heritage recovery, readjustment of spaces and other works that add to animal welfare.

ecoparque buenos airesThe entrance to the park is through Av. Sarmiento 2601 and its hours are from Wednesday to Sunday (and holidays), from 10 am to 5 pm. Closed due to rain!

Given the situation of COVID’19, it has a maximum capacity of 500 people and, upon entering, the staff will take their temperature. Likewise, the use of a mask is mandatory to access.

Entrance is for free!

So, if you want to know a little more about the environment, the species and enjoy a day outdoors, this Ecopark is a wonderful option!

We leave you their website here for more information.

Also, we bring you this note to see other parks to which you can walk from here!

Map of Location

Ecological Reserve

Ecological Reserve, a space full of nature, different species and capsules to isolate yourself from the bustle of the city, without straying too far from the center of it.

Buenos Aires is famous for offering many cultural activities. The city is full of museums, theaters, grand palaces and luxurious avenues; but another characteristic of Buenos Aires is Nature.

If you take a map of the city you will see a lot of green spaces. You can find from small squares to huge parks with beautiful lakes.

Likewise, if you walk through the streets of the different neighborhoods of the city, you will notice that almost all the sidewalks have trees and plants.

ecological reserveThis time, we are going to tell you about the great Ecological Reserve!

Despite its amount of green spaces, Buenos Aires does not have any native trees.

You can find various species that were brought from different parts of the planet, from northern Argentina to India. The latter is the case of the Gomero, a popular tree in the city that can be found in almost all the squares of Buenos Aires.

A good place to learn about the nature of the city and escape a bit from the noise of the center, is this beautiful Ecological Reserve located in Puerto Madero. It is one of the largest urban reserves in Latin America

Through different paths, you can end up on the river’s coast. You can appreciate an intensive bird watching and enjoy the natural air.

ecological reserveWith a total of 350 hectares, more than 2,000 species of animals that vary in birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and a huge variety of vegetation.

The entrance can be from Viamonte street, or, also, from Brazil.

It is a great plan if you want to walk a bit in the middle of pure nature!

Entrance is free and open. On Mondays it is closed, and then it opens every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is kept closed on rainy days!

In this note, you’ll find more places to go and have a fun day in Buenos Aires outdoors!

Here we leave you its location