What to do in Caballito

What to do in Caballito, a guide with the best activities and attractions in this neighborhood, not so touristy.

Caballito is a neighborhood located in the geographic center of the city of Buenos Aires. Although it is not usually a must for tourists who visit the city, nowadays, it is one of the most residential neighborhoods in Buenos Aires and an iconic place in the life of all porteños, so we recommend it for all those who are very interested in visiting places outside the tourist classics, or in their second visit to the city.

The neighborhood owes its name to the grocery store that Don Nicolás Vila installed in 1821 on the corner of current Av. Rivadavia and Emilio Mitre, and which was recognized for its typical weather vane in the shape of a little horse.

Here you can find a guide to know what places to visit and what activities we can do in Caballito:

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