How to get Around Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a very large city, in addition to being the capital of the country. It has many activities to do and countless neighborhoods to visit.

Here, we want to tell you about the different options on how to get around in Buenos Aires. The different means of transport and what they need to know to be able to use them.

Public Transport


The first thing you need to do is buy the SUBE card.

You will need this magnetic card to pay for all BA public transportation. Without it, you will not be able to pay, so buying this card is vital to take the bus or the subway.

The card works with credits, so it is necessary to load it before traveling. You can have a negative balance, being able to charge it at another time.

The amount of negative balance that can be had, varies according to the increase suffered by the ticket amounts, so we recommend you not to rely so much on this as something in favor!

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