The Argentinian Rosette Day

The Argentinian Rosette Day, a day of celebration of the national colors.

Every May 18, the day of our Rosette is celebrated. The date was instituted by the National Council of Education in 1935, for which it is included in school calendars.

It is one of the symbols of the Argentine homeland, along with the Anthem, the Flag and the National Emblem.

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Veteran’s Day and the Fallen in the Malvinas War

Veteran’s Day and the Fallen in the Malvinas War, the story behind this memorable day for all Argentines.

Every April 2, the day of the fallen in the Malvinas War is commemorated, since that same date, but from the year 1982, was when the Argentine troops arrived in the Malvinas Islands to claim the territory taken by the United Kingdom in 1833.

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Memory Day for Truth and Justice

Memory Day for Truth and Justice, the story behind the worst time lived in Argentina.

As we tell you about International Women’s Day here, March 24 is not a day of celebration either. It was proclaimed as a day to remember and commemorate one of the worst violent times that the country suffered. With persecutions, censorship in the media, repression, disappearances, murders and a de facto and nefarious president; endless facts that should never be repeated.

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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, a date that commemorates the fight for gender equality and the right to respect.

Every March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world. Throughout history, women have suffered abuse and inequality from their male peers, in all areas. Although this day, unlike other ephemeris that we detail in this note, is not a holiday, but works normally, it is a date that contains a much deeper reason.

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Immaculate Conception of Mary

Immaculate Conception of Mary, a Catholic holiday that in Argentina has its special characteristic day.

Argentina is a country where Catholicism predominates and, in this case, December 8 is the day on which the Immaculate Conception of Mary is celebrated, among other things.

Here we want to tell you the history of this festival, which is celebrated all over the world!

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Day of National Sovereignty

Day of National Sovereignty, all the information so that you know the reason why every November 20 such an important event for Argentina is celebrated.

It is a date that marked a milestone of courage, heroism and that promotes Argentine nationalism. Here we tell you all the details!

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Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity

Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity, a commemoration of indigenous peoples and respect for the variety of cultures.

It is commemorated annually on October 12 in our country, and it used to remember the facts of colonization and conquest by the Spanish in America. Formerly, it was known as the “Day of the Race”, a name that was modified in 2010 in Argentina, before a Presidential Decree of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, to become the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity.

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General José of San Martín

General José of San Martín, all the information so that you know who was one of the most important heroes of Argentina and what we celebrate on August 17 in Argentina.

As we have been telling you, in the country certain national dates are celebrated in commemoration of historical events, heroes or important dates that become holidays or non-working days. To know all of them, we leave you the link here.

On August 17, the Passage to Immortality of General José of San Martín is celebrated. Considered one of the most important liberators for all of America, he was a mentor at the beginning of the May Revolution.

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Independence Day of Argentina

Independence Day of Argentina, the liberation of the country in 1816.

July 9 is commemorated the day of the liberation of the Argentine people from the monarchy of Spain, since on that date, but in 1816, the events that began with the May Revolution of 1810 were completed. Revolution, we invite you to read this other note.

Faced with the imperative need to bring down Spanish colonialism, driven by the tireless desire for freedom, on July 9, 1816, the country’s Independence was conceived, with a unanimous vote in the House of Tucumán. There, a Governing Board was established, as the first step towards our freedom.

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Argentine Flag and Manuel Belgrano

Argentine Flag and Manuel Belgrano, commemoration, celebration and honors.

In the history of Argentina, there are a variety of heroes and important personalities. For this reason, it is that we bring you closer to the most prominent and, thus, know the reason why several days of our annual calendar are called holidays, days of commemoration or festivity.

On June 20 of each year, Manuel Belgrano’s Passage to Immortality is commemorated, as well as the National Flag Day.

Here we are going to tell you everything about the Argentine Flag and Manuel Belgrano.

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