Immigration Museum Buenos Aires

Immigration Museum Buenos Aires, a site with many stories and history to tell.

Argentina is a country to which immigrants from all over the world have arrived since ancient times, to settle and find better conditions than those of their countries of origin.

The stories that each immigrant brought with them from Africa, Asia, Europe and even South America, during the 19th century and today, can be found in the renowned Hotel of Inmigrants, where you will find the Museum of Immigration and the Center for Contemporary Art.

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Malvinas Museum

April 2nd is a very important national holiday in Argentina because it commemorates the Veterans Day and the ones who died in Malvinas War (Falklands War). On April 2nd of 1982 the Armed Forces of Argentina landed on the islands with one goal, recover Malvinas. 

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Best Museums in Buenos Aires

Top 6 Museums in Buenos Aires

For cultured travellers, museums are always an essential part of the visit to any city. If you are this type of guy, this list is for you.

If you are feeling a bit lazy to read through the whole article, the only thing you should know is that Malba and Museo de Bellas Artes are a must because of their invaluable collections. The other ones are really worth visiting not only because of the pieces they hold, but also because they are located in impressive heritage buildings that embody the aristocratic personality of the city.

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