Full Day in Palermo

Full Day in Palermo, parks and culture.

In addition to our Free Tours in Buenos Aires, we also have suggested itineraries. These are tours that you can do on your own. In this case we introduce you a full day in Palermo.

Special Days:

- Weekends: Plaza Serrano Market.
- Sundays there is no Graffiti Tour.

1) Visit Palermo Parks: there are a lot of green spots that can be visited near tourist areas and accommodations. One of the most beautiful places to visit is El Rosedal, a rose garden mixed with trees, bridges and important monuments. If you cross Alcorta Avenue, you will arrive to the Planetarium that is located in another park with a lovely lagoon. Check this post for more information about the Palermo Parks.

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What to do in Palermo

First, we have to know that Palermo is the biggest neighborhood in Buenos Aires and it is sub divided informally in different areas. Above all, you will hear about Palermo soho or the Palermo parks for example among many other names used for the different places within the neighborhood. The reason of this is its size: Palermo is as big as a small town. Here you will find a good guide of what to do in Palermo.

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