Paseo de la Infanta, gastronomic pole and open-air center of attraction in the Palermo neighborhood.

paseo de la infantaIt is located just a few blocks from the renowned Rose Garden, being within the Palermo Parks, between Av. Libertador and Freyre.

It is formed as a path of restaurants and bars, breweries and pubs for all styles, tastes and cultures.

It has 36 thousand m2 and is located under the Miter Railroad tracks.

The wealth of this space is to provide a plan for any time of the day, given that it is busy both day and night, and they have running schedules in many of the places that make it up.

paseo de la infantaIf your walk through the Bosques de Palermo requires a technical stop, this is a great option and you will find a variety of menus and places to sit and enjoy the outdoors without having to go far.

Keep in mind that it is a highly trafficked place, so you will see people circulating throughout the day. From the morning, having breakfast, until late at night.

Given its location, you will find several means of transport that bring you closer to this amazing gastronomy hub. You can get there by Subway, Bus or Train!

Here we leave you a note to see everything you can do in the Palermo neighborhood. In this way, you will be able to put together a plan for a whole day and end it with a nice dinner outdoors.

In turn, here we leave you a note of more places in Buenos Aires to eat outdoors!

We recommend that you always be informed about the schedules, protocols and current care in Paseo de la Infanta, given the situation of COVID-19.


Map of Location

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