What to do in Lujan

What to do in Lujan, all the information about the most interesting attractions in this town in Buenos Aires.

Of great historical and patrimonial wealth, it was one of the closest colonial settlements to the city and one of the first.

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Afro Culture Buenos Aires

Afro Culture Buenos Aires, all the information about a culture that remained forgotten for a long time, under the wake of the European.

The Afro legacy and history were overshadowed by the constant desire to maintain a more European than African identity. The process to establish that our country is also Afro is not an easy task.

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La Plata Gastronomic Market

La Plata Gastronomic Market, a new space to enjoy the Buenos Aires capital even more.

Under the name of Baxar Mercado La Plata, it opened its doors in 2021, to offer the first gastronomic market in the area.

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Carlos Gardel House Museum

Carlos Gardel House Museum, a tribute space to one of the most important Tango singers in Argentina.

This house was the one that Carlos Gardel lived with his mother and where the most important treasures of his life are kept.

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Mercat Caballito Buenos Aires

Mercat Caballito Buenos Aires, a new gastronomic tour that opens its doors in the Caballito neighborhood.

Located inside the Caballito Shopping Mall, it has several food stalls, as well as an organic market where you will find a wide variety of products!

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Punta Lara Coastal Park

Punta Lara Coastal Park, all the information about a new space a few minutes from La Plata.

It is a new option to enjoy a walk along the coast of the Río de la Plata, a little further from the hustle and bustle of downtown Buenos Aires.

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Swamp Deer National Park

Swamp Deer National Park, all the information about one of the Nature Reserves closest to the center of the City.

It is located in the town of Campana, just an hour from downtown, with many attractions for you to enjoy!

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Vicente López Ecological Reserve

Vicente López Ecological Reserve, all the information so you can enjoy this beautiful protected green space.

Located in La Lucila neighborhood, Vicente López district, on the Río de la Plata coast, it has almost 3 hectares of surface.

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Best Places La Plata

Best Places La Plata, a complete guide to everything you can visit in this beautiful place in Buenos Aires.

It is one of the most striking spaces, given its diagonal design and perfectly thought-out structure before its creation. It is located to the South of the Metropolitan Region and is the Capital of Buenos Aires.

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Parks and Nature Reserves

Parks and Nature Reserves, all the details so you can enjoy Nature at its best!

Throughout the country, there are 39 National Parks, 6 Nature Reserves, 3 Marine Parks, 2 Marine Protected Areas and 2 Natural Monuments. In the National System of Protected Areas there are several categories for the preservation of Nature, which establish certain permitted activities and uses, as well as those that are prohibited.

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