Trees of Buenos Aires

Trees of Buenos Aires, the most beautiful natural spectacle in the city throughout the year.

Because not only do they adorn the city in a unique and beautiful way, but they also provide the oxygen we need to be able to live.

Buenos Aires is not simply a city of mixed architecture, but also has an immense variety of plants and trees.

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Argentine Women Park

Argentine Women Park, a modern green space with very urban characteristics in the middle of Puerto Madero.

Created as a symbol to honor the most important Argentine women in the country, who are the same women who name the streets of this modern Buenos Aires neighborhood.

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Park of the City

Park of the City, a giant space for you to enjoy during the weekend.

It is a huge green space, where you will find forests with native trees and a space for recreational use so you can enjoy a full day outdoors!

It has many activities to do, a variety of species of flora and fauna, as well as lakes with fish that provide a very harmonious and natural landscape.

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EcoRoute of Buenos Aires

EcoRoute of Buenos Aires, a simple path, but surrounded by green spaces for you to visit the areas of the Río de la Plata region.

In addition, we are going to tell you everything you can do in each neighborhood that surrounds this beautiful walk.

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Doctor Nicolás Avellaneda Park

Doctor Nicolás Avellaneda Park, all the information about one of the largest parks in the city of Buenos Aires.

With an area of ​​30 hectares, it is located in the Marcelo T. de Alvear neighborhood, surrounded by the neighborhoods of Flores, Villa Luro and Mataderos, areas further away from the tourist centers of the city.

It has an enormous wealth of flora and fauna, more than 25 species of birds, as well as sculptures and many attractions for you to enjoy a whole day outdoors!

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Passages of Buenos Aires

Passages of Buenos Aires, a tour of the shortest streets of the city, but with a different charm.

Walking through Buenos Aires can become a charming experience, as well as unique, when we discover a passage or a palace or a building that stands out from the rest. As Tango says, the streets of Buenos Aires have a “what do I know” that makes them picturesque and extremely attractive.

Here, we want to give you a tour of the renowned passages of Buenos Aires, which will inspire and captivate you. Actually, there are more than a hundred passages in the city, but here we bring you an area so that you can visit several in the same day.

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6 Terraces Buenos Aires

6 Terraces Buenos Aires, a list of the best spaces to enjoy the view of the city in the company of a signature drink.

With spring, there also comes that desire to enjoy a good drink as dusk falls, delighting in a favorite dish. All this can be accompanied by the best views of Buenos Aires that you can imagine.

There are several styles of rooftops that will amaze your eyes, being the most famous that the city has.

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Mataderos Neighborhood Fair

Mataderos Neighborhood Fair, the local and traditional side of the city.

Although Mataderos is not a recommended neighborhood to visit as a tourist, on Sundays it dresses up for one of the largest fairs in the city.

Located half an hour from downtown Buenos Aires, it offers the ideal space for the most popular fair there is, with 30 years of life, full of Argentine Popular Crafts and Traditions.

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