Florida Street Buenos Aires

Florida Street Buenos Aires, all the history and curiosities about the busiest pedestrian street in the city!

Recognized as the most important commercial street in the country, it is the first street that was made pedestrian in Buenos Aires.

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Port of Buenos Aires

Port of Buenos Aires, all the history about the main connection center of the country.

With a capacity of 1.5 million tons of total annual cargo, it is in charge of connecting Argentina with the rest of the world. Its operation reaches 62% of container cargo for the entire country. Every year, 1,200 ships arrive, in addition to locomotives, railway material and wagons, to reactivate the freight train network.

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How to get a ticket to see Boca

How to get a ticket to see Boca, all the information so you can go support the most important team in Argentina!

Club Atlético Boca Juniors is recognized worldwide as one of the best teams in our country. With the colors Blue and Gold as the logo, you will see many fans wearing that combination with a lot of pride and love.

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Club Atlético Boca Juniors

Club Atlético Boca Juniors, all the details about one of the most important Soccer Clubs in Argentina (and the world).

It is one of the most recognized sports entities in the country, with millions of fans spread all over the world!

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Monumental Tower Buenos Aires

Monumental Tower Buenos Aires, a Renaissance monument over 60 meters high!

Popularly known as the “Tower of the English”, it is a gift from British residents for the Centenary of the Independence of our country and the first national government.

It was built in 1916, with more than 60 meters high, where the Gas of Retiro fuel distributor was located, in that same neighborhood. Currently, this site is known as the Argentine Air Force Square.

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Soho Market Buenos Aires

Soho Market Buenos Aires, a new gastronomic space that you cannot miss!

In the heart of Palermo, this 700m2 building is erected, with two floors and 9 restaurants serving international cuisine.

It has two signature cocktail bars, draft beers and traditional cocktails, which seeks to be a replica of the most important European markets.

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Gastronomic Markets Buenos Aires

Gastronomic Markets Buenos Aires, a complete guide with the best places to delight your palate, accompanied by a beautiful atmosphere of walking and distraction.

The City of Buenos Aires, in addition to being immense, has many different activities to do and, at the same time, get to know the city more thoroughly. One of these proposals, and the most sought after in recent times, is related to Gastronomy.

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Dorrego Square San Telmo

Dorrego Square San Telmo, the details of one of the most touristic attractions of Buenos Aires.

In the heart of the San Telmo neighborhood, it is surrounded by huge houses from the 19th century, which were restored, recycled and transformed into antique shops, cafes or restaurants.

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Mercat of Villa Crespo

Mercat of Villa Crespo, a different experience in the best style of European markets, in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Based on the Boquería in Barcelona, ​​under the idea of ​​“More Market, Less Super”, the new largest gastronomic, creative and innovative pole in Argentina was inaugurated in Villa Crespo.

Here, you will find a space for enjoyment and meeting to discover new products and food at very affordable prices.

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Carriage Market Buenos Aires

Carriage Market Buenos Aires, a new gastronomic hub to enjoy in the Retiro neighbourhood.

Built in a space with a lot of history, it is a new gastronomic offer of fresh food and an immense variety for all tastes!

Here we tell you all the details about the new gastronomic center of the city…

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