The Paraná Delta is one of the most astonishing natural attractions near the city of Buenos Aires. It is one of the largest deltas in the world, and it’s worth visiting this beauty that is only 1 hour away from the city.

Characteristics of the Paraná Delta

paraná deltaA delta is a geographical feature that forms at the mouth of rivers due to the deposition of sediments carried from the river’s source. In this way, multiple islands and streams are formed, organic matter accumulates, and vegetation begins to grow. Animals appear, giving rise to a rich and diverse ecosystem.

Among the most common flora are rushes, willows, ceibos, coronillos, and thorny shrubs. Water lilies and water cabbage are also classic. Regarding fauna, there used to be jaguars that gave the name to the Tigre district, but with the advance of humanity, they are no longer found in this region. Marsh deer, capybaras, river otters, wildcats, and foxes still survive. There are also numerous bird species such as the thrush, kingfisher, and blackbird, among others.

How to Get to the Paraná Delta

paraná deltaTo enjoy the Paraná Delta, the simplest thing is to go to Tigre, which is a municipality in the province of Buenos Aires, only 30km from the city of Buenos Aires. In this article, we will tell you all the details and options on how to get to Tigre from Buenos Aires.

Once you arrive in Tigre, you will find a wide range of excursions and tours through the Delta. You can choose between boat tours, or if you feel like combining sports with nature, you can choose to take a kayak or canoe ride, a highly recommended activity for a true connection. There are even some companies that offer journeys where you paddle to a campsite near the Paraná River and spend the night immersed in nature.

Some Recommendations

It is more convenient to choose a pleasant day to visit the Delta since rainy and windy days are not usually very enjoyable, considering that we are talking about embarking on the rivers and streams of the delta.

Unfortunately, as a consequence of our lifestyle, the river is very polluted, so it is not advisable to drink from it. That’s why we recommend bringing bottled water on your delta adventure.

In summer, you can reach different resorts thanks to the collective boats and spend the day on the riverbank, bathing in its refreshing waters.

Finally, we leave you with another article to discover the best activities to do in Tigre.

The Paraná Delta is a marvel located very close to the city of Buenos Aires. It is one of the most beautiful and natural excursions you can do on your visit to enjoy the river, the flora, fauna, and the culture that emanates from its landscapes.

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