Full Day in La Boca & Puerto Madero

Full day in La Boca & Puerto Madero

In addition to our Free Tours in Buenos Aires, we also have suggested itineraries. These are tours that you can do on your own. In this case we introduce you a full day in La Boca and Puerto Madero.

Special days:

- Monday: the ecological reserve is closed, except holidays.

Important consideration: there are no ATMs in La Boca and it is not recommended to get out of the touristic area of Caminito and Boca Stadium. In order to arrive to La Boca you can take a bus (152) or a taxi. It is recommended to visit La Boca by the day, from the morning until the afternoon.

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What to do in La Boca

First of all, the neighborhood of La Boca has a mythical place in the history of Argentina as the birthplace of Tango, where colorful houses make perfect combination with the great passion for football. So, check this article to know what’s the best to do in La Boca.

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