Full day in La Boca and Puerto Madero, a guide to everything you can do in these picturesque neighborhoods!

In addition to our Free Tours in Buenos Aires, we also have suggested itineraries. These are tours that you can do on your own. In this case, we introduce you a full day in La Boca and Puerto Madero.

Special days:

Monday: the ecological reserve is closed, except holidays.

Important consideration: there are no ATMs in La Boca and it is not recommended to get out of the touristic area of Caminito and Boca Stadium. In order to arrive to La Boca you can take a bus (152) or a taxi. It is recommended to visit La Boca by the day, from the morning until the afternoon.

Visit La Boca

full day in la boca and puerto maderoThe characteristic of this neighborhood is the port, Caminito Street and the Boca Juniors Stadium.

All these attractions will be able to know them deeply if you take our Walking Tour in La Boca, otherwise, you can visit it personally visiting the fairs, the conventillos and the stadium.

In this note you will find more information about what to do in La Boca.

Lunch in La Boca

full day in la boca and puerto maderoOn Caminito street there are multiple places with varied menus for lunch. You will find typical still lifes, streets with colorful houses and the sidewalks will attract your attention because they are one of the highest, so much so that they even have steps!

It is a really picturesque neighborhood. You can even have lunch at Parque Lezama, since around the park there are many bars that have take away. This way, you can have something simple for lunch under a tree on a sunny day.

In this note, we bring you a list of the best still lifes (bodegones) in Buenos Aires!

Visit the Ecological Reserve

full day in la boca and puerto maderoThe only protected natural area in the city of Buenos Aires is located on the banks of the Río de la Plata, near the Microcentro. From La Boca, you can take bus number 20 that will leave you 5 blocks away. With free admission, you can enjoy a walk along the banks of the river.

There are self-guided trails to discover the species of flora and fauna found in the reserve. The most attractive thing is the view, since it has a beach with access to the river and viewpoints from the trails.

It has 350 hectares of green spaces, lagoons and wetlands, and beautiful and immense forests. It is a great option to get out of the skyscrapers and traffic scenery.

We leave you the official page so you can see the activities and species that it has.

In here, we tell you more about this place!

Walk through Puerto Madero

full day in la boca and puerto maderoIt is the most modern neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It is located on the banks of the Río de la Plata and it is very pleasant to walk through its streets.

You can admire the Puente de la Mujer, the Dikes, the boats.

Also, there is the Fortabat Art Collection Museum. To learn more about what to do in Puerto Madero you can read this note.

You will see many people doing physical activity such as running, walking and a lot of skateboarding or rollerblading … so, always pay attention while walking so that they do not shock you!

Dinner in Puerto Madero

full day in la boca and puerto maderoIn this beautiful neighborhood, there are a lot of bars and restaurants, but most are establishments above the average cost.

An alternative is to walk a few blocks to the Center or San Telmo and, once they have dinner, they can access public transport, since in Puerto Madero there are not so many buses nor do the subways arrive.

full day in la boca and puerto maderoAnother alternative is to eat in the carts that are right on the Costanera.

The bondiola sandwiches are the coveted ones! But you will also find more options, such as the typical argento choripan.

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