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Walking Through Recoleta Tour

We meet everyday, at 10.30am, at Plaza Estado del Vaticano (Corner of Libertad and Viamonte), next to Teatro Colón.
Teatro Colón
Av. 9 de Julio
Aristocratic families and palaces
San Martín & Independence war
The Big Ben of SouthAmerica
Plaza San Martín
Malvinas/Falklands War
Terrorist Attacks
The Posh Buenos Aires
Fanciest Avenue in Buenos Aires
Colonial Franciscan Convent
Great intro to Recoleta Cemetery

Tour will take around 3.5hs.

RAINEnjoy a walk as you hear the background behind the beautiful palaces, parks and monuments of Recoleta. Discover the aristocratic BA with its magnificent architecture and learn about a generation that made BA the cultural capital of South America. We will walk from the famous Teatro Colón through the fanciest streets of Retiro and Recoleta neighbourhoods up to the Recoleta Cemetery.

* There is no need of booking in advance! It's a Free Tour, just show up!


WHY-FREEFree Tour is a worldwide movement that offers non traditional tours to everyone from backpackers to businessmen. This tip-based tour does not have a set price or require reservations, allowing you to decide the real value of the experience.


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City Center Tour

We meet every afternoon, at 3.00pm, at the gate of The National Congress (Av. Entre Rios 51).
Congress Building & Argentine politics
Palacio Barolo mysterious architecture
Evita's Mural, Life & Secrets
Cafe Tortoni & Tango
Plaza de Mayo, heart of BA
Colonial Town Hall & Revolution
Cathedral & Pope Francis
Mothers of the May Square
70's Dictatorship and those who went missing
Actual Argentine economy & politics
Pink Government House

Tour will take around 3hs.

RAINIn this free tour you get a historic and political perspective of our city, starting from the National Congress and walking the grand boulevard of Avenida de Mayo, with its architecture and sites, revealing the most glorious and terrible periods of our history. Meet the famous characters of Evita Peron and Pope Francis, our biggest achievements and our cultural struggles. We will finish in Plaza de Mayo, heart of BA and city-centre since the colonial period, the place of expression of the saddest and happiest moments of our history.

* There is no need of booking in advance! It's a Free Tour, just show up!

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