RECOLETA CEMETERY TOUR Only $10 usd or $1800 ars per person.


ONLY $10 usd OR $1800ars PER PERSON

Booking has no cost. Payment for the tour is in person once you show up at the meeting point.

*IMPORTANT: due to Argentine inflation the price for this tour will be 10 usd or 2000 pesos from Feb 1st
recoleta cemetery tour


free tour buenos aires Price: $10 usd or $1800 per person.
Schedule: Mondays & Fridays
Start: 3pm
Duration: 2 hours
Meeting Point: Gate of the Recoleta Cemetery. Junin 1760
Click here for Google Maps
Language: English
Even if it Rains!

A tour dedicated especially to the Recoleta Cemetery, one of the most wonderful and captivating places in Buenos Aires! In this tour we are going to see the most classic and mysterious stories in almost 2 hours. The tour includes the story of the death and burial of Eva Perón, a fascinating story to discover one of the most famous and controversial personalities in the country, as well as historical, architectural data of the vaults and artistic heritage.

recoleta cemetery

Recoleta Cemetery Tour Highlights
  • Evita's Grave
  • "The Sailor and his Daughter"
  • "The Grotto"
  • "The Girl who Died Twice"
  • "The Wild Bull of the Pampas"
  • "The Gravekeeper"
  • "Till Death do us Part"
  • "Knights of the Night"
Check our Meeting Point


Photo of the Meeting Point

recoleta cemetery tour



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