La Boca Tour Only $10 usd or $3500 ars per person.


ONLY $10 usd OR $3500ars PER PERSON

From February 1st the price of the tour will be $4000 ars

Booking has no cost. Payment for the tour is in person once you show up at the meeting point.


free tour buenos aires Price: $10 usd or $3500 per person. From February 1st the price of the tour will be $4000 ars
Schedule: Mondays to Saturdays
Start: 11am
Duration: 2 hours
Meeting Point: Corner of Magallanes and Caminito (next to CACHAFAZ shop).
Language: free walking tour buenos aires English
Even if it Rains!

Join our La Boca Walking Tour to discover the most picturesque place in Buenos Aires! La Boca is the place where tango was born as a result of the bohemian and artistic culture of the immigrants. The houses where they lived now form a unique mix of colors that make La Boca one of the most attractive places in South America.

We will start our tour learning about the history of the old industrial port of Buenos Aires visiting the cove of the Riachuelo, the little river that is today the south limit of the city.

Next, we will see the monument to Benito Quinquela Martín, the famous argentine popular artist that left body and soul to see his birthplace thrive and thanks to who La Boca is worldwide known for its vibrant colors.

We will walk the famous little street Caminito, full of the colorful collective houses of the working class immigrants in the Buenos Aires of the 1900s, who created a unique sense of identity that is fundamental part of the city culture. This is where Tango was born so we will show you why and how it started, and what is represents today to Argentina and to the world.

Our tour continues with visit to the square of the volunteer Fire Fighters, with beautiful artwork and murals that honor these heroes to the people of La Boca. Fileteado Art, a classic local way to decorate signs is also one of the things we will pay attention especially on our walk. Passion is strong and football is undoubtedly the biggest passion of the neighborhood; we will finish our tour seeing the Boca Juniors Football Stadium, home to the most celebrated and famous argentine football team around the world.


La Boca Tour Highlights
  • Colorful Houses "Conventillos"
  • History of Tango
  • Old industrial Port
  • Fileteado art
  • History of immigration
  • Boca Juniors Stadium
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free tour la boca



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