Free Tour Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is well known for its cultural activities. The city is full of museums, theatres, impressive buildings and fancy avenues; but another feature of Buenos Aires is Nature. If you take a map of the city you are going to notice a lot of green spots. In Buenos Aires you can find from little plazas to enormous parks with nice lakes. Moreover if you walk the streets of the different districts of the city you will see that almost every sidewalk has trees or plants.

A good place to learn about the nature of Buenos Aires and to escape a little bit from the noise of downtown, is the Natural Reserve Costanera Sur that is located in Puerto Madero. Through different trails you will enjoy the river shore, bird watching and fresh air.

There is no fee to enter the Natural Reserve, so here you have another Free thing to do in Buenos Aires. It is open every day except from Mondays from 8am to 6pm.

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