What is an argentinean Bodegon?

In Argentina, there is nothing like national dish, instead the Argentinean traditional cuisine is a mixture of Italian, Spanish and German dishes all put together in a bodegón. According to Pietro Sorba, an Italian journalist and food critic, the bodegón is characterized “by the feeling of belonging to the city that is expressed through abundance, easy-to-make dishes and its especial atmosphere.”

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Best Bodegones in Buenos Aires

One of the best ways of getting in touch with Argentina’s history and culture is eating out at a bodegón. A Bodegón is an especial kind of restaurant. But which are the best bodegones of the city? Here is our top choice.

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Café Tortoni

Café Tortoni–A Glimpse into the Past


The Avenida de Mayo offers a beautiful promenade between the Congress Building with the Pink House. Along its streets, the most sophisticated buildings of the beginnings of the 20th century flaunt their art nouveau, neoclassic and eclectic styles. A true reminder of the Argentinian Belle Époque, Café Tortoni stands among themas one of the most iconic cafés of our city and a proud keeper of our past. If you want to learn about this part of the city you can take a Free Walking Tour.

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What to eat in Buenos Aires


Everyone has a different way of discovering the world. Some people will travel to see breath-taking landscapes and natural wonders; others will do it to see human-made marvels like art and architecture. But there are some others who will tell you that the thing that matters the most is…food!

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Best Cafes in Buenos Aires

If you walk Buenos Aires you will notice there is a Café at every corner! Porteños (locals) love spending their time in these places. But wait! It’s not just a matter of “coffe”, people will go to these places for the atmosphere, the history, culture or just chating for hours. Cafés in BA are Temples of Coffe where tradition becomes a religion. On this article we will list the best Cafés in Buenos Aires.

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Alfajores in Buenos Aires

As we told you in other posts, food is an important part of our culture. Argentina is recognized for it’s steaks and other dishes as empanadas and milanesas, but we also enjoy sweet food. The main character of deserts and candies is Dulce de Leche.

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Wine tasting in Buenos Aires

Wine is the Nacional beverage of Argentina. The country is the biggest wine producer of latin americas and is located amongst the biggest producers in the world. The quality of the argentine wine is recognized in every continent and that’s why Argentina exports wine to every country of the globe.

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