Vegan Restaurants Buenos Aires

Vegan Restaurants Buenos Aires, options to avoid eating meat in the city.

Although it is common knowledge that Argentina is the paradise of meat, in recent times the rise of veganism has increased, but being veggie is not so simple despite this change.

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Puerto Madero Brewery Port

Puerto Madero Brewery Port, an outdoor option with good beer!

It is a huge space, with outdoor tables that line the Puerto Madero river. A very original proposal, which includes a variety of options for you to enjoy a unique and relaxing moment.

Puerto Madero Brewery PortYou can go both during the day and at night, this place offers good gastronomic combos, with the plus of having the best view of the city of Buenos Aires.

It has more than 20 styles of craft beers, hamburgers for all tastes, with different options of Combos, which include food and drink, which will be much cheaper! In addition to beer, they have different drinks and Wines from the Catena Zapata Winery.

In addition to all this, they have free parking for customers, which you can enjoy your benefit by entering through the traffic light that is located on Cecilia Grierson and Juana Manso streets. But, you can also go by bike!

puerto madero brewery portAnd as an extra, it is a Pet Friendly place, so your best friend can also enjoy the ride with you!

Located at 400 Cecilia Grierson Street, North Dock, in the heart of Puerto Madero.

Given the situation of COVID-19, its current schedule is from 12 a.m. to 7 p.m., every day.

If what you are looking for is a relaxing moment, accompanied by a beautiful view, a bit of fresh air and delighting your palate with a delicious beer and good food, without a doubt, Puerto Madero Brewery Port will fulfill your wish and more too !

Here we leave you this other note with everything you can do in Puerto Madero, to plan a unique and different day!


Map of Location

Eating outdoors in Buenos Aires

Eating outdoors in Buenos Aires, a beautiful plan to enjoy a great gastronomic plan.

Buenos Aires is a beautiful and immense city, full of activities to do. One of the many things they pay a lot of attention to in this city is gastronomy. The variety of menus and places to eat is endless.

In turn, there is a plan for each style of traveler and here we want to bring you the best options for Outdoor Eating in Buenos Aires.

Puerto Madero Brewery Port (Puerto Cervecero Madero)

eating outdoors in buenos airesIt is an open-air bar in the heart of Puerto Madero. With a great variety of menu, a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors.

It has a beautiful view of the river, which will make you have an amazing time, both day and night.

You have many means of transport to get there, in addition they’re pet friendly, so you can be accompanied by your pet!

In this bar, you will be able to find a wide variety of craft beers, with the best view of Buenos Aires.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 5pm to midnight.

Located in the North Dock, of the Port of Buenos Aires. You enter through Cecilia Grierson 400, corner of Juana Manso.

Here we leave you their Facebook page, since they do not have an official one, so you can be informed.

In this other note, you can find other activities to do in Puerto Madero.


Paseo de la Infanta

eating outdoors in buenos airesIt is the gastronomic pole and center of attraction of the Palermo neighborhood.

With a strategic location, a few meters from the Rosedal and forming part of the Bosques de Palermo, there are endless bars and restaurants for all tastes and styles. The property has 36 thousand square meters of surface and is under the tracks of the Mitre Railroad.

Here, you will discover an all-time plan, since it lights up day or night and they have a running schedule. So, if you decide to go to the Bosques de Palermo to spend the day, the finishing touch can be a dinner in one of these beautiful places in the open air, so as not to cut off the satisfaction of a whole day outside!

There are many means of transport that will be able to bring you closer to this fantastic gastronomic center.

In this note, you will be able to see what else you can do in the Palermo neighborhood, in case you want to plan a whole day and end it with a good dinner.


Patio de los Lecheros

eating outdoors in buenos airesIt is a gastronomy space, located in the Caballito neighborhood.

Just 30 minutes from downtown Buenos Aires, its premise is to spread quality gastronomic culture and live music.

During the weekends, you can enjoy live bands.

Its location is in Av. Tte. Gral. Donato Álvarez 175 (and Bacacay street).

On its official website, there is no information about the new protocols on the global situation of COVID-19, so we believe that their hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. At the moment, they are handled without reservation.

Here we leave you their website so that you can be in direct contact.


Map of Attractions

What is an Argentine Bodegon

What is an Argentine Bodegon, in this note, we are going to reveal to you the mystery of the famous “still lifes” (Bodegones) so renowned in our country.

In Argentina, in addition to having national dishes and desserts, there is “traditional Argentine cuisine”, which is also a mixture of Italian, Spanish and German dishes, all together in the same menu. This characteristic is due to the strong emigration that our country had in ancient times.

According to Pietro Sorba, Italian journalist and food critic, the still life is characterized by “the feeling of belonging to the city, which it transmits through the abundance and accessibility of its food, and its environment.”

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Best Bodegones in Buenos Aires

Best Bodegones in Buenos Aires, a list with the best neighborhood options in this great city!

One of the best ways to get to know the culture and history of Buenos Aires is by sitting down to eat in one of its many bodegones (still lifes).

A bodegon is a special and different type of what we know as a “restaurant”. In fact, in this note we tell you what these historical places are about.

But, what are the best bodegones in the city?

Here are our favorites:

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Café Tortoni

Café Tortoni–A Glimpse into the Past


The Avenida de Mayo offers a beautiful promenade between the Congress Building with the Pink House. Along its streets, the most sophisticated buildings of the beginnings of the 20th century flaunt their art nouveau, neoclassic and eclectic styles. A true reminder of the Argentinian Belle Époque, Café Tortoni stands among themas one of the most iconic cafés of our city and a proud keeper of our past. If you want to learn about this part of the city you can take a Free Walking Tour.

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What to eat Buenos Aires


Everyone has a different way of discovering the world. Some people will travel to see breath-taking landscapes and natural wonders; others will do it to see human-made marvels like art and architecture. But there are some others who will tell you that the thing that matters the most is…food!

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Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos Aires, a guide to the best places to taste a different style from the carnivore.

Every tourist that arrives to Argentina knows that it is a must to taste the Argentine Steak. In older posts we talk about this argentine ritual, we recommended you the best steaks houses in Buenos Aires and how to order as a porteño. But we recognize that Vegetarianism is a trend, and that’s why we are going to dedicate a post to the Vegetarian Food in Buenos Aires.

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Best Cafés Buenos Aires

If you walk Buenos Aires you will notice there is a Café at every corner! Porteños (locals) love spending their time in these places. But wait! It’s not just a matter of “coffe”, people will go to these places for the atmosphere, the history, culture or just chating for hours. Cafés in BA are Temples of Coffe where tradition becomes a religion.

On this article we will list the best Cafés in Buenos Aires.

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