what is a bodegon


In Argentina, there is nothing like national dish, instead the Argentinean traditional cuisine is a mixture of Italian, Spanish and German dishes all put together in a bodegón. According to Pietro Sorba, an Italian journalist and food critic, the bodegón is characterized “by the feeling of belonging to the city that is expressed through abundance, easy-to-make dishes and its especial atmosphere.”

bodegones buenos airesAs soon as you enter the bodegón you are likely to set your eyes on its peculiar decoration: football banners, framed football t-shirts, penguin wine pitchers, ham and salami hanging from the walls, bottles of wine everywhere and several whatsits all over the shelves.

In a bodegón, servings must be generous; the food, home-made and simple; by no means are innovations allowed and prices must be affordable. Every true bodegón offers milanesa napolitana, pastas, stews, tortillas, breaded squid rings, pancakes, and flan with dulce de leche.

Each bodegón is a piece of living history, so sitting at its tables is a great way of knowing the city.

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