What is an Argentine Bodegon, in this note, we are going to reveal to you the mystery of the famous “still lifes” (Bodegones) so renowned in our country.

In Argentina, in addition to having national dishes and desserts, there is “traditional Argentine cuisine”, which is also a mixture of Italian, Spanish and German dishes, all together in the same menu. This characteristic is due to the strong emigration that our country had in ancient times.

According to Pietro Sorba, Italian journalist and food critic, the still life is characterized by “the feeling of belonging to the city, which it transmits through the abundance and accessibility of its food, and its environment.”

bodegones buenos aires

That said, it is clearly noticeable when you’re in front of an Argentine Bodegon (still life).

As soon as you walk through the door, the first thing you will probably notice is its quirky décor: soccer flags, framed sports jerseys, penguin jugs, ham and salami legs hanging on the walls, wine bottles everywhere, old photos or the typical old brand advertisements, and a lot of gadgets on the shelves.

In a bodegon, the portions should be generous; the food, simple and homemade, and under no circumstances are innovations accepted. In addition to this great list, the prices must be affordable as well.

Every honest bodegon offers Neapolitan Milanese, pasta, stews, tortillas, squid, pancakes and flan with dulce de leche.

what is an argentine bodegonEach porteño bodegon is a space of living history, so sitting at their tables is one of the best ways to get to know the city.

Here, you will find everything in one place. Many anecdotes and stories that, surely, the owners will want to tell you when they bring you the letter. It’s like walking into your own home, into the path of your family, grandparents, and more.

Do not forget to allow yourself to enter these beautiful and picturesque places so neighborhood. Surely, you will leave satisfied with so much food, delighted with such exquisiteness and marveling at its decoration!

Places to feel comfortable, eat well and spend little.

Now that you know what is an Argentine bodegon, click here to see the best still lifes in Buenos Aires and access our list of recommended ones!

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