Mysteries of the Recoleta Cemetery

Mysteries of the Recoleta Cemetery, a compilation of the most horrifying legends and stories of this famous Buenos Aires cemetery.

Unlike other establishments of this nature, the Recoleta Cemetery is not dark or hostile as you might imagine. On the contrary, you are going to find yourself on a pleasant, curious and even interesting tour, as if you were visiting an open-air art museum.

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Dorrego Square San Telmo

Dorrego Square San Telmo, the details of one of the most touristic attractions of Buenos Aires.

In the heart of the San Telmo neighborhood, it is surrounded by huge houses from the 19th century, which were restored, recycled and transformed into antique shops, cafes or restaurants.

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Mercat of Villa Crespo

Mercat of Villa Crespo, a different experience in the best style of European markets, in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Based on the Boquería in Barcelona, ​​under the idea of ​​“More Market, Less Super”, the new largest gastronomic, creative and innovative pole in Argentina was inaugurated in Villa Crespo.

Here, you will find a space for enjoyment and meeting to discover new products and food at very affordable prices.

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What to do in Boedo

What to do in Boedo, a guide for you to get to know a new neighborhood, not very touristy, but with a lot of history to tell.

Although it is a neighborhood that does not appear in a traditional tour of Buenos Aires, it is an area that is well known in literature, in tangos and even in the history books of our country.

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What to do in Colegiales

What to do in Colegiales, all the necessary information to discover this untouristy neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

With many different activities to offer, it is not as well known for tourism, but it will amaze you as much as Palermo or Belgrano, without hesitation.

It is called “Colegiales”, because this was where the students of the schools enjoyed their vacations.

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What to do in Villa Crespo

What to do in Villa Crespo, all the information for you to enjoy a whole day in one of the neighborhoods less crowded by tourists.

With streets of low houses and full of trees, it maintains its identity as a quiet neighborhood intact. Cradle of the Atlanta Club, you will see many of its streets in the colors blue and yellow, as well as being the base for social gatherings for friends and families from the neighborhood.

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Micaela Bastidas Park

Micaela Bastidas Park, a green space in the heart of the Puerto Madero neighborhood with a quite particular design.

It is a public space, with free entry in one of the most touristic neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. Puerto Madero is one of the most modern neighborhoods in the city, and this park maintains the style of architecture that predominates in this area.

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What to do in Chacarita

What to do in Chacarita, all the details of a not very touristy neighborhood but with many activities to enjoy!

Hotbed of culture, bars, bookstores and cafes, it is a neighborhood to which tourism has not quite reached.

Despite this, it has many spaces so you can have a day of walking through its cobblestone streets.

Here, we want to tell you everything about what to do in Chacarita.

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