What to do in Villa Crespo

What to do in Villa Crespo, all the information for you to enjoy a whole day in one of the neighborhoods less crowded by tourists.

With streets of low houses and full of trees, it maintains its identity as a quiet neighborhood intact. Cradle of the Atlanta Club, you will see many of its streets in the colors blue and yellow, as well as being the base for social gatherings for friends and families from the neighborhood.

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Micaela Bastidas Park

Micaela Bastidas Park, a green space in the heart of the Puerto Madero neighborhood with a quite particular design.

It is a public space, with free entry in one of the most touristic neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. Puerto Madero is one of the most modern neighborhoods in the city, and this park maintains the style of architecture that predominates in this area.

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What to do in Chacarita

What to do in Chacarita, all the details of a not very touristy neighborhood but with many activities to enjoy!

Hotbed of culture, bars, bookstores and cafes, it is a neighborhood to which tourism has not quite reached.

Despite this, it has many spaces so you can have a day of walking through its cobblestone streets.

Here, we want to tell you everything about what to do in Chacarita.

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Argentine Women Park

Argentine Women Park, a modern green space with very urban characteristics in the middle of Puerto Madero.

Created as a symbol to honor the most important Argentine women in the country, who are the same women who name the streets of this modern Buenos Aires neighborhood.

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Chalet 9 of July

Chalet 9 of July, the story of a little house built on top of a building, older than the Obelisk of Buenos Aires!

As you may have noticed, the city has many varied stories, here we bring you the story of a little house that, without a doubt, will catch your attention when you see it.

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What to do in Caballito

What to do in Caballito, a guide with the best activities and attractions in this neighborhood, not so touristy.

Caballito is a neighborhood located in the geographic center of the city of Buenos Aires. Although it is not usually a must for tourists who visit the city, nowadays, it is one of the most residential neighborhoods in Buenos Aires and an iconic place in the life of all porteños, so we recommend it for all those who are very interested in visiting places outside the tourist classics, or in their second visit to the city.

The neighborhood owes its name to the grocery store that Don Nicolás Vila installed in 1821 on the corner of current Av. Rivadavia and Emilio Mitre, and which was recognized for its typical weather vane in the shape of a little horse.

Here you can find a guide to know what places to visit and what activities we can do in Caballito:

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What to do in Barracas

Barracas is a traditional neighborhood in Buenos Aires that is not usually visited by foreign tourists but that has great charm for fans of Buenos Aires and its history, those who are looking for something outside of the classic tourist spots. Barracas was at the time a place of the Buenos Aires aristocracy of the late nineteenth century and later a neighborhood of factories, workers and immigrants who built the country. Here are the main attractions to know what to do in Barracas:

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Puerto Madero Brewery Port

Puerto Madero Brewery Port, an outdoor option with good beer!

It is a huge space, with outdoor tables that line the Puerto Madero river. A very original proposal, which includes a variety of options for you to enjoy a unique and relaxing moment.

Puerto Madero Brewery PortYou can go both during the day and at night, this place offers good gastronomic combos, with the plus of having the best view of the city of Buenos Aires.

It has more than 20 styles of craft beers, hamburgers for all tastes, with different options of Combos, which include food and drink, which will be much cheaper! In addition to beer, they have different drinks and Wines from the Catena Zapata Winery.

In addition to all this, they have free parking for customers, which you can enjoy your benefit by entering through the traffic light that is located on Cecilia Grierson and Juana Manso streets. But, you can also go by bike!

puerto madero brewery portAnd as an extra, it is a Pet Friendly place, so your best friend can also enjoy the ride with you!

Located at 400 Cecilia Grierson Street, North Dock, in the heart of Puerto Madero.

Given the situation of COVID-19, its current schedule is from 12 a.m. to 7 p.m., every day.

If what you are looking for is a relaxing moment, accompanied by a beautiful view, a bit of fresh air and delighting your palate with a delicious beer and good food, without a doubt, Puerto Madero Brewery Port will fulfill your wish and more too !

Here we leave you this other note with everything you can do in Puerto Madero, to plan a unique and different day!


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What to do in Belgrano

What to do in Belgrano, a guide to the best places to visit in one of the largest neighborhoods in the city.

The Belgrano neighborhood is one of the largest and most populated in the city, concentrating some of the busiest and most iconic spots in Buenos Aires. Today the famous Chinatown, the only one of its kind in Argentina, has become popular among porteños, but also and located very close to it are very beautiful and traditional places that mark the history of Belgrano from when it was a town to becoming a neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Although Belgrano is not one of the neighborhoods that foreign tourists usually visit or those who are in Buenos Aires for the first time for 4 or 5 days, being less popular than Palermo, San Telmo or Recoleta, it constitutes a very pleasant walk for those who visit Buenos Aires through second time, those who want to see the Chinatown or for the same porteños who visit it on weekends.

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