Micaela Bastidas Park, a green space in the heart of the Puerto Madero neighborhood with a quite particular design.

It is a public space, with free entry in one of the most touristic neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. Puerto Madero is one of the most modern neighborhoods in the city, and this park maintains the style of architecture that predominates in this area.

Micaela Bastidas ParkIts main feature is its elevated walk on an embankment, with several steps that run through the different sectors of the place. At the same time, the different zones are intertwined with more stairs and paths.

The spaces are three, well defined: Vegetable Square, Children’s Square and Sun Square. Basically, it is an area of ​​rose gardens, a playground for children and a space for sports.

It was inaugurated in 2003, with a total area of ​​5.4 hectares, in addition to having more than 40min trees and shrubs.

Two areas predominate and differ at all, one being open and the other wooded, one with slopes and the other completely flat. Both link the neighborhood fabric and the coastal axis, integrating the details of the environment in which this green space is located.

Micaela Bastidas ParkThe project to finalize the construction of this Park was framed within the “New Green Areas for Puerto Madero and the Revitalization and Enhancement of the South Coast”, with the winning proposal of the National Draft Competition. The call was made to resolve public green spaces within the Urban Development Master Plan of Puerto Madero.

The other park, projected within this same project, is the Argentine Women Park. Here we tell you everything about this space, which is a neighbor of the Micaela Bastidas Park and forms a unit next to the Raquel Forner square.

The similarity of these spaces is the look at the way to intervene in the empty spaces, uniting the construction of a park with the one of a building, with a functional and spatial logic, based on other different material resources.

It is an ideal space to take a break, do physical activity and enjoy breathing some fresh air in the middle of nature, escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city.

To know everything you can do in Puerto Madero, here we leave you our note.

Map of Location

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