What to do in Belgrano

What to do in Belgrano, a guide to the best places to visit in one of the largest neighborhoods in the city.

The Belgrano neighborhood is one of the largest and most populated in the city, concentrating some of the busiest and most iconic spots in Buenos Aires. Today the famous Chinatown, the only one of its kind in Argentina, has become popular among porteños, but also and located very close to it are very beautiful and traditional places that mark the history of Belgrano from when it was a town to becoming a neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Although Belgrano is not one of the neighborhoods that foreign tourists usually visit or those who are in Buenos Aires for the first time for 4 or 5 days, being less popular than Palermo, San Telmo or Recoleta, it constitutes a very pleasant walk for those who visit Buenos Aires through second time, those who want to see the Chinatown or for the same porteños who visit it on weekends.

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A Walk through Belgrano

A Walk through Belgrano, a tour of one of the largest neighborhoods in the city of Buenos Aires.

Fortunately, it is difficult to imagine Buenos Aires without vegetation. Wherever you want to go in any neighborhood you will find different types of plants, flowers and trees. Not only in the parks, but also on the sidewalks.

Next, we will offer you a walk through the Belgrano neighborhood so that you can admire nature and soak up history and architecture.

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