A Walk through Belgrano, a tour of one of the largest neighborhoods in the city of Buenos Aires.

Fortunately, it is difficult to imagine Buenos Aires without vegetation. Wherever you want to go in any neighborhood you will find different types of plants, flowers and trees. Not only in the parks, but also on the sidewalks.

Next, we will offer you a walk through the Belgrano neighborhood so that you can admire nature and soak up history and architecture.

We are going to start this free walk in Avenida de los Incas and Zapiola. In this corner we are going to find an important sculpture called La Navegación. This monument used to be in Plaza San Martin, where it used to be the National Museum of Fine Art. As they wanted to enlarge the park they moved the museum and delivered the sculptures to different parts of the city.

Afterwards we are going to walk straight through Melián street and we are going to enjoy a nice grove. The protagonist here is the Tipa Blanca tree, a species coming from the north of Argentina.  When we arrive to Juramento we turn right and walk straight till Conde street. In Conde 2084 we are going to see Palacio Hirsch, a palace built by a British architect for Alfred Hirsch in the beginning of the XX century.   This palace has an eclectic style, we can find: art deco, art nouveau decorations, Italian balconies and British ornaments.

Next to Palacio Hirsch you will find the Cultural Center Plaza Castelli (Conde 2050) where you can stop for a drink and snack.

After the break we can turn left in Echeverria till Cramer and after three blocks, in Cramer 1816 we will find an Anglican Church with a neo gothic style, built in the late XIXth. In this church you can join English celebrations.

Actually, the buildings and spaces that this huge Buenos Aires neighborhood has, are unmissable. Walking through its streets is very rewarding, since in almost every block there are trees and plants on the sidewalks.

It is very picturesque, fun and entertaining, to take a walk through Belgrano.

This is the end of this Belgrano Free Tour that you can take on your own, a great combination of architecture, history, culture and nature. Enjoy the walk!

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