Cartoon Tour

Comics make people laugh and build culture. Cartoons also reflect the personality of the population. This is why we are going to share with you a free tour to discover the most popular cartoons in Argentina.

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Palermo Walk

We told you before that Palermo is the biggest district of Buenos Aires and that’s why we are writing a few posts dedicated to this important neighborhood of the city. In this article we are going to design a new walk through Palermo under the section free tours to do on your own.

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A Walk through Belgrano

A Walk through Belgrano, a tour of one of the largest neighborhoods in the city of Buenos Aires.

Fortunately, it is difficult to imagine Buenos Aires without vegetation. Wherever you want to go in any neighborhood you will find different types of plants, flowers and trees. Not only in the parks, but also on the sidewalks.

Next, we will offer you a walk through the Belgrano neighborhood so that you can admire nature and soak up history and architecture.

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Parque de la Memoria

If you took our Free Tours in Buenos Aires, you learned about the history of Argentina. From 1976 to 1983 Argentina lived a military regime, known as the National Reorganization Process.  Parque de la Memoria is a remembrance park and a public space located in front of the Río de la Plata and it is a memorial to the victims of the last dictatorship.

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Walk through Palermo Parks

Walk through Palermo Parks, a path for you to enjoy the most beautiful of this Buenos Aires neighborhood.

As we told you before, in Buenos Aires we are going to find a lot of parks to enjoy the day. Earlier, we designed a free tour around the Ecological Reserve in Puerto Madero, so now we are going to offer you a walk through Palermo Parks.

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Museums Tour Buenos Aires

Museums Tour Buenos Aires, so you can visit the best of the city!

In this new post, we are going to design a Museum Tour around the city of Buenos Aires. More precisely, through the neighborhoods of Recoleta and Palermo. As you have already seen, the city is full of cultural activities. Museums are the main attractions for tourists and this is why we are going to show you the most popular museums.

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Tour of Pizza Buenos Aires

Tour of Pizza Buenos Aires, a tour of the best pizza places in the city!

In the 20th century, Argentina experienced a great wave of immigration. A large number of families arrived in the country from different countries of the world seeking refuge and new opportunities. Italians represent an important community in Argentina. They spread their culture throughout the country and that is why, among other things, we will find many pizzerias and ice cream stores in different parts of the country.

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Welcome to Buenos Aires Free Walks!

Today, a new way to know Buenos Aires is born. We started to offer Free Tours in Buenos Aires, because we believe that walking the city is the best way to know it. That’s why we have two different offers to share with you.

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