Museums Tour Buenos Aires, so you can visit the best of the city!

In this new post, we are going to design a Museum Tour around the city of Buenos Aires. More precisely, through the neighborhoods of Recoleta and Palermo. As you have already seen, the city is full of cultural activities. Museums are the main attractions for tourists and this is why we are going to show you the most popular museums.

We are going to start the walk in Recoleta, more precisely, at the intersection of Posadas and Av. Alvear streets, two blocks from Recoleta Cemetery (last stop of our Free Tour through Recoleta). In this block you will find Palais de Glace, National Palace of Art with free admission. Here we leave you their website.

Then, you can continue walking along Av. Libertador for two blocks and on your right you will find the National Museum of Fine Arts, also with free admission. Click here to enter your website.

Later, if you continue walking along Av. Libertador for three more blocks, you will find the National Museum of Decorative Art, another nice museum in Recoleta. Here, you have to pay an entrance fee, but it is usually very cheap. We leave your website here for more information.

Finally, taking Av. Alcorta and walking three more blocks we will find the last museum of this walk. It is the famous MALBA: Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires. The ticket price has a significant discount on Wednesdays. Here we leave you their website so that you know well the updated costs.

With this museum, the Museums Tour Buenos Aires ends, which you can enjoy in the Recoleta and Palermo neighborhoods.

IMPORTANT: Given the global situation of COVID-19, many establishments are closed or with strict protocols, so we recommend that you inform yourself well before going.

Remember that you can write us in this article what you think and share valuable information for new visitors.


Map of Tour

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