Mercat Caballito Buenos Aires, a new gastronomic tour that opens its doors in the Caballito neighborhood.

Located inside the Caballito Shopping Mall, it has several food stalls, as well as an organic market where you will find a wide variety of products!

Mercat Caballito Buenos AiresWith 1200mts2 to transit, it is a promise of a healthy, regional and organic market. It has gondolas of products from local producers, as well as gastronomic spaces with innovative proposals and a space to sit down and eat right there.

It is located on the second floor of the Caballito Shopping Mall, located on Av. Rivadavia, one block from Acoyte. It is a different proposal, to provide extra value to this Buenos Aires neighborhood that is increasingly crowded.

Although there is already a Mercat in Villa Crespo (we tell you more here), this new site has 12 gastronomy outlets and gondolas with approximately 1,500 local products that vary between seeds, preserves, jams, dressings, snacks, bulk food , fruits, wines, natural juices, oils, beers and much more!

Mercat Caballito Buenos AiresGoing up the stairs, you will find different food stalls, as well as tables where you can sit and delight your palate with all these delicacies! Among the most important places, there is Nórdica, of Danish gastronomy with its insignia: the Smorrebrod, a thin slice of rye bread, spread in butter or vegan mayonnaise, to which different ingredients are added on top. There is also Moisha Bakery, with its knishes, baklavá and bohíos. La Casa de Tafí will surprise you with its true Tucuman empanadas that maintain the tradition, while Lado A will offer you pastrami, grass-fed hamburgers, charcuterie and artisan sausages. Italy is not far behind, and appears with its Pasta de L’Artisan workshop and the typical Neapolitan pizzas from Furio. On the Asian side, you will find the only Kyopo place in the country with typical Korean dishes. If you like coffee, you can enjoy Culto Café, a specialty coffee shop. Adding to these options is Lando Bar, with its cocktail bar and the Pulso brewery.

Mercat Caballito Buenos AiresThe objective of this site, unlike the Mercat de Villa Crespo, is for it to become a supply place for those who visit it, since it is a site where the most important and largest organic proposal in the city is found. Here, you will be able to use baskets, consume some of the proposals of the places that you like the most and pay for the purchase at the end of the tour in their checkout lines. As you go through the place, you will discover different sectors, such as table areas, the buy & bulk or the organic market cellar. Thus, different environments and perspectives of the spaces of this place are generated.

As an extra to this attractive move, the tableware is reusable, therefore, the green look is strengthened by minimizing the use of plastic materials.

Open every day from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Admission is free, paying only what you are going to consume there. They also have delivery or take away service.

Here we leave you their instagram site for more information.

To learn more gastronomic markets, follow this link.

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Map of Location

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