Gastronomic Markets Buenos Aires, a complete guide with the best places to delight your palate, accompanied by a beautiful atmosphere of walking and distraction.

The City of Buenos Aires, in addition to being immense, has many different activities to do and, at the same time, get to know the city more thoroughly. One of these proposals, and the most sought after in recent times, is related to Gastronomy.

As we have told you in previous notes, there are endless incredible and delicious restaurants, grills and bars to taste the traditional delicacies of the city.

But, in recent times, the Boom of the Gastronomic Markets or Poles began to emerge. Places for gourmet walks, full of products to consume on the spot or to take away. They are sheds or old buildings that bring the old neighborhood markets to the present.

With some simple reforms and remodeling of the structures, new stalls selling packaged, processed and fresh products were built, in addition to generating new spaces to eat and enjoy various proposals such as shows, workshops and training.

From the Retiro area, to Palermo and Villa Crespo, you will find different options, suitable for all styles and tastes that exist!

For this reason, we want to tour the Gastronomic Markets Buenos Aires with you:

RETIRO – Carriage Market

Gastronomic Markets Buenos AiresSite where the past and the present are combined in a building from the year 1900, declared Historical Heritage of the City. Located in Alem 852, it opened its doors with a gourmet initiative where fresh and processed products, varied foods and drinks are the protagonists of this story.

Ideal option for a walk in harmony with excellent gastronomic options. You will find many stalls of international brands, while you can taste regional products and more!

Here we tell you everything about this site!

VILLA CRESPO – Mercat Villa Crespo

Gastronomic Markets Buenos AiresBetween streets of beautiful trees, where neighbors meet on the sidewalks to talk, you can breathe that air so particular to Neighborhood.

In this scenario, the Mercat Villa Crespo emerges, with an industrial aesthetic in what refers to its construction and 2,700 m2 that are divided into three floors.

You will find 28 different stalls, with representative products of typical Argentine food. The premise of this site is to generate a business that narrows the gap between consumer and producer.

You will be able to get selected foods, taste new flavors and acquire ingredients from artisanal producers.

In this note, we tell you much more!

PALERMO – Soho Market

Gastronomic Markets Buenos AiresA very cool place, located in Armenia 1744, in the heart of Palermo.

Its inspiration is very clear: European markets with endless special and unique flavors to taste.

It is divided into 2 floors, with varied offers. On the ground floor, you will find “on the go” or “street” foods from around the world and, on the upper floor, a more gourmet and elaborate variety. It has 9 international cuisines that vary from Europe, Asia and Syria, passing through different cultures and typical foods.

Here, you can find more information about what you can do in Palermo.

Follow this link to learn more about this Market!

BELGRANO – Belgrano Market

Belgrano MarketConsidered a classic, it is located at Juramento 2527 and was built in 1891. Formerly, it was known as Belgrano Model Fair.

Here, different supply stores are combined, such as fruits and vegetables, spices, meat, fish; with more picturesque gourmet-style venues.

In addition to a variety of places, you will be able to enjoy an open space in the open air with benches and tables to eating outside.

In this note, we tell you everything you can do in Belgrano!

SAN TELMO – San Telmo Market

San Telmo MarketIt was inaugurated in 1897, at 970 Bolívar Street, near the famous Dorrego Square.

It conserves its original structure in the internal part, with Italian style, and was declared a National Historical Monument.

Here you can find places selling vegetables, fruits, meats, as well as beautiful antiques and a variety of gastronomic proposals that accompany the walk.

Here we tell you more about this Market!

We invite you to join our San Telmo & Market Tour here, so you can get to know many more places in this traditional neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

CABALLITO – Mercat Caballito

Mercat CaballitoIt is one of the last markets to open its doors, in the heart of the Caballito neighborhood.

It is located inside the Caballito Shopping Mall and has several food stalls, as well as an organic market where you will find a wide variety of products!

With 1200mts2 to transit, it is a promise of a healthy, regional and organic market.

It has gondolas of products from local producers, as well as gastronomic spaces with innovative proposals and a space to sit down and eat right there.

Here we tell you more about this new space!

LA PLATA – Baxar Market

La Plata MarketA new space to enjoy the Buenos Aires capital even more, in this case, in La Plata. Here we tell you how to get there!

This space opened its doors in 2021, to offer the first gastronomic market in the area. Under the premise of giving value to the meeting and sharing diversity in the community in connection with the productive roots, it offers 35 proposals with different dishes and varieties from around the world.

Undoubtedly, it is a space suitable for all tastes. We tell you much more here!


If you are interested in eating outdoors, here we tell you about the best options that the city of Buenos Aires has to offer!

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