La Plata Gastronomic Market, a new space to enjoy the Buenos Aires capital even more.

Under the name of Baxar Mercado La Plata, it opened its doors in 2021, to offer the first gastronomic market in the area.

La Plata Gastronomic MarketAs is well known, gastronomy markets are a worldwide trend. In Buenos Aires, there are several options in different parts of the city that we tell you about here!

La Plata is no exception and is added to the list of the best markets to visit and delight the palate. Here we tell you how to get to La Plata!

Under the premise of giving value to the meeting and sharing diversity in the community in connection with the productive roots, Baxar offers 35 proposals with different dishes and varieties from around the world. Undoubtedly, it is a space suitable for all tastes!

La Plata Gastronomic MarketThis site is the right place if you want to buy fresh products, since it is one of the most prominent and important fruit and vegetable chains in Argentina.

It has approximately 3,000 m2, which are distributed over two floors and an outdoor terrace. It is located on Av. 51, near the Argentinian Theater, the Cathedral, the Planetarium and the Observatory among other attractions.

Here, you will be able to buy the best products, added to a new experience for your palate with a huge variety of delicacies, as well as providing a beautiful space for walking and recreation, as in the best markets in the world.

La Plata Gastronomic MarketFor beer lovers, it has a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy the best craft beers such as Antares, Peñón del Águila, among others. In turn, it has a large traveling fair where local producers display an endless number of fresh products that just by seeing them, you will want to take everything!

In addition to having the best options and world-renowned venues, this space offers a great agenda of cultural activities, such as workshops, talks, and seminars on different topics such as conscious eating, caring for the environment, and ecological sustainability.

The meeting format is at large common tables, in addition to being able to sit at the bars of each store. In turn, in the market you can buy cold cuts, grilled, grilled and smoked meats, cheeses of different styles, sushi, Peruvian and Italian food and specialty sandwiches, French crepes, Belgian waffles, churros, ice cream and coffee. Obviously, a large cocktail bar and a wine bar are added, plus the craft beers. As a bonus, you can choose organic products, fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, bakery products, fresh pasta to cook at home, and a gigantic gastronomy bazaar.

La Plata Gastronomic MarketIt has two entrances for you to enter through 51 Street and find the space with tables outside along its façade, or through 50 Street. Among the most important places, you will find La Cabrera al Paso, one of the restaurants best known in Buenos Aires, meat specialists; Masse Coffe Roasters with specialty coffee and French pastry options that will leave you stunned; Paesano Cuore Azzuro and its Neapolitan pizza, in addition to the star dish: Fried Pizza; John Doe and its signature cocktails; Organic Monarch with grocery products, organic fruits and vegetables; Lucciano’s and the best ice cream flavors; and the best flower stand you’ll ever see is under the command of Bozzi Boutique of Flowers.

The motto of this space is to recover part of history, to write a new one. This space used to be an important and legendary bazaar, known as Bazaar X. Hence, the merger in the new name, updating the entire place with much more modern and chill technology and trends, without neglecting the essence of the market.

Open from Sunday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m., and Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 a.m. Here we leave you their profile, since they do not yet have an active website.

In this note we tell you everything you can do in La Plata.

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Map of Location

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