Palermo is the largest neighborhood in Buenos Aires and is usually informally subdivided into several areas. For this reason, you will hear about Palermo Soho, Hollywood, Palermo Chico, Palermo Parks or others. The reason, again, its large size.

Being a neighborhood where the clash between nature, culture and nightlife occurs, there are many activities to do and, therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to tell you about the most popular ones and, also, those activities to escape the touristy regions.

You should take into account that Palermo is so big and has so much to see that the ideal is, if you go only for a day, to dedicate yourself to a specific area. You can also take Palermo into account if you are looking for a daytime activity or a night out, since the neighborhood has something for everyone.

Discovering the Parks of Palermo

what to do in palermoPalermo is undoubtedly the green lung of the city of Buenos Aires. There is a large concentration of parks popularly called “the forests of Palermo”. Here you can find the famous 3 de Febrero Park and the Rose Garden, the Botanical Garden, the Japanese Garden and the Ecopark. There is no better place in the city for lovers of the green and the outdoors. All the parks can be covered in one day and are very close to each other.

Two good ways to get around it are on foot or by bicycle: in this link you will find a specific guide to this area and also the government page to know how to acquire a free government bicycle for a few hours


Museums and Culture

what to do in palermoIn Palermo you will find MALBA museum, one of the most popular in Buenos Aires. There you can admire a large collection of modern Latin American art always in contact with new trends. Located a few meters from the parks, it is very easy to visit it in combination with them.

Very close to there you will find the Planetarium, a curious building in the shape of a UFO that not only draws attention for its architecture but also exhibits exhibitions dedicated to understanding the universe and shows in its cinematographic dome.

Finally, for those interested in politics, in Palermo it is located the Evita Museum (we leave the museum’s website for more information) and for photography lovers the FOLA Museum.

If you want to know more about museums, you can see this article to discover the 6 best museums in Buenos Aires!


Street art

what to do in palermoThe most popular young and trendy wave in the city of Buenos Aires is concentrated in the Palermo Soho area. It is no coincidence that in the old and picturesque passages of what was previously known as “Palermo Viejo” today we find many murals and graffiti that give a unique touch to the area. If you want to take photos or take a tour: we recommend the Santa Rosa passages, the Russel passage and the Soria passage (you can find them on the map at the end of the article). Also, if you like, you can take our Graffiti Tour in Palermo, discovering the history behind every mural.


Gastronomy and Night Out

what to do in palermoThe areas known as Palermo “Soho” and Palermo “Hoolywood” are undoubtedly the right place to look for new gastronomic experiences and to find a good nightlife plan in the city. There you will find all kinds of food and experiences: Parrilla, Asian, Fusion, Peruvian or practically anything you want. It is also full of Bars and Breweries for all tastes.

If you are coming for the first time we recommend staying in Palermo Soho (between Córdoba, Santa Fe, Juan B Justo and Scalabrini Ortiz avenues) and start exploring from the Julio Cortázar Plazas (popularly known as Plaza Serrano) or Plaza Armenia.

Keep in mind that some of the most popular restaurants in the city are located here and you probably need to book in advance to get your place. If you are going to eat at Steak, here is a guide on what to order to eat a classic and good asado.


Shopping in Palermo

shopping palermoArcos District is located in Palermo, an open-air shopping-outlet located in the old English-style brick railway buildings on Godoy Cruz Street. Beyond the desire to buy, the place is very beautiful and can be combined with a visit to the Science and Technology Center next door.

Also on weekends in Plazoleta Julio Cortázar (popularly known as Plaza Serrano) there is a craft fair where you can buy different handicrafts.


Mansions and Architecture

palermoPalermo concentrates large houses and mansions of European style. Most of them are in the area called Palermo Chico, around the Malba museum and between Libertador and Figueroa Alcorta streets. There you will find the picturesque oval street “El Ombú” and the San Martiniano institute, surrounded by small French-style palaces.

Map of Atractions

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