Argentina is the carnivore’s paradise! There is no place in this world where you will get better meat than here. 

Argentine cows are breed in open big plains feeding from the grass with plenty space to walk. This is very different to the feedlots that are the common rule in other countries making the quality of the argentine meat superior. A prime argentine steak will have almost no fat making it more fresh and tasty.

But that’s not all, in Argentina meat is always cooked with carbon (never with gas!) in a Parrilla wich is basically a chimney looking barbecue different to the american apparat for the steak.

The classic argentine asado (the meat meal) is prepared at home or served in local steak house, called Parrillas.  If you attend one of this, follow this guide!

 Step no. 1 – Get Ready for it: the Wine

The steak experience will not be complete without a good argentine wine. Red goes with red, and the best argentine red wine is the Malbec. Worshiped in the whole world, the Argentine Malbec from the province of Mendoza is not only a stand alone marvel but also the perfect companion for your asado!

Step no. 2 – First course: The Achuras

You want to start your meal with  the Achuras, the organ meats of the cow. This will be your first course. These can be chinchulines (intestines), mollejas (sweetbread), riñones (kidneys), morcilla (blood sausage) or the classic chorizo (pork sausage). You might choose one of these or ask for a provoleta (provolone cheese cooked on the parrilla).  Riñones a la provenzal are also a classic.

Step no. 3 – Let the show begin: get your steak!

(you want to ask for a classic salad, lettuce & tomate to eat with the steak)

So now for the second course you will choose the cut of the cow that you want. You can go for the tira de asado (the ribs), the entraña (thin and soft), the bife de chorizo (big fat piece of meat!!) or the glorious bife de lomo (the prime cut, big smooth, tasty!) among many others. All these will present different characteristics according to part of the cow they where taken from. The best will be to ask to the waiter so you can fulfill your personal preference. Don’t forget to ask it jugoso (juicy, raw), a punto (just at the point of being cooked) or cocido (cooked, nothing red)!!

Extra bonus – Something else??

If you come back from heaven and still have room for more, you can finish your meal with a nice dessert, most steak houses will serve a classic flan con dulce de leche or budín de pan. A good coffe will be the best ending for the experience!

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