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The neighborhood of Palermo is famous for its parks. Its outstanding collection of gardens make it an ideal place to visit for those who like walking and outdoor activities.

Here we list the different gardens and parks of Palermo. All of them can be visited in half day if you have a good pace. The Rosedal is a mandatory visit, The Botanic gardens is the best second option and the Japanese Gardens is for those looking for the exotic.

On the map you’ll find all these parks between Santa Fe and Figueroa Alcorta Ave in the neighborhood of Palermo.

The RosedalDSC_0474

The Rosedal (in English the Roses Garden) is the most famous park in Palermo. This masterpiece of garden design gathers a great collection of different roses with diverse colors and forms. But not everything is about flowers: the Rosedal has beautiful galleries, brigdes, lakes and statues that ornate it. This place is so romantic that you’ll even find little ducks swimming in the water ponds. Best time to visit is November when the jacaranda trees are purple and all the roses unfold their colors in a superb showcase of nature.

  • A quick visit to the Planetarium: While this is not a park, if you visit the Rosedal it is good to cross the street to the green area next door to see the Plantearium. A weird building that looks like a space ship. This famous landmark of Palermo is admired for its creative architecture.

The Japanese Gardens



The Japanese Gardens of Buenos Aires was founded in 1967 by the Japanese Emperor Akihito on his visit to our city. Since then it’s been one of the favorite places for the locals who enjoy  visiting this oasis of Asian culture in Buenos Aires. The gardens are extremely beautiful, with wooden red traditional bridges, little ponds, Japanese shrines and weird looking exotic fishes swimming in the water. For those travelling with kids, this is a great place to have fun.



The Botanic GardensJardin-Botanico-2

This a very romantic place! The Botanic gardens of Buenos Aires gather species from the 5 continents of this world. Despite being in the middle of the busy Palermo, the thick forest of this place will take you to another dimension. Inside you’ll find a neomedieval beautiful castle made of bricks  and an astonishing  green house that looks like a palace made of glass.

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