Rosedal of Buenos Aires, a place full of rose bushes and paths to get lost in one of the Palermo Parks.

One of the several parks found in the great neighborhood of Palermo is the famous Rosedal.

It is a traditional Buenos Aires park with more than 18,000 rose bushes and full of works of art around it.

rosedal of buenos airesThe lands where the Rosedal is located today used to be known as the Palermo baths and belonged to the then governor of Buenos Aires, Juan Manuel de Rosas in the 19th century. After it was defeated in a battle against the other Argentine provinces, these lands were confiscated by the new government and it was decided to design the Rosedal as it is known today.

Inaugurated in 1914, within this space it is possible to find an Andalusian Patio, a gift from the city of Seville in 1929. It consists of a pergola, a gazebo covered with vines and roses that culminates with a sculptural work by Emile Peynot. Also, it is possible to find a couple of fountains around the promenade.

In front of the Rosedal is the Eduardo Sívori museum, a municipal art museum. This museum contains a splendid collection of Argentine art from the 20th and 21st centuries. In turn, temporary exhibitions are organized. Here we leave the website for you to see its schedule and cost of entry.

rosedal of buenos airesWithout a doubt, The Rosedal is a great plan to do a whole day. A great picnic, walks in the middle of beautiful flowers and a lot of art!

In this other note, we will tell you all the parks in Palermo, in case you want to know more about this beautiful neighborhood!

And, here, we leave you more outdoor plans in Buenos Aires!



Map of Location

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