Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos Aires, a guide to the best places to taste a different style from the carnivore.

Every tourist that arrives to Argentina knows that it is a must to taste the Argentine Steak. In older posts we talk about this argentine ritual, we recommended you the best steaks houses in Buenos Aires and how to order as a porteño. But we recognize that Vegetarianism is a trend, and that’s why we are going to dedicate a post to the Vegetarian Food in Buenos Aires.

The Argentine landscape makes the cows grow without too much fat, but also it is a special environment to grow vegetables and fruits. This is why we are going to find a lot of variety in the vegetarian food, influenced also by the big range of climate that Argentina has.

Lately, lot of vegetarian restaurants started to open their doors in the city. We are going to be able to find options in every barrio of Buenos Aires.


Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Verde

Located in Palermo, Gorriti 5657, it also offers Vegan food. This restaurant is open from 9 am to 12 am and offers from breakfast to dinner. You are going to find sandwiches, juices, cakes, woks, raw food, ice – cream, soups, pasta, hamburgers and lot of dishes more!

Here we leave you its website so you can see its menu, schedules and current protocols.

Krishna Veggie

Located in Malabia 1833, it opens from Wednesday to Sunday. Offers a variety of dishes, juices, juices, and much more. With a very beautiful Hindu style, where all his vegetable foods, flours, dairy, fruits and spices are prepared with much devotion and love, which is an offering to Krishna.

We leave you their website so you can see their schedules and contact you.


San Telmo

Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos AiresPizza Vegana

Pizza Vegana, Chile 882, is located in San Telmo and opens at noon and at the evening. Here you will be able to enjoy Vegan Pizza. Also this is a Gluten Free restaurant!

Sattva Conciencia Vegetariana

Located in Montevideo 446, this place offers a menu of dishes prepared in such a way as to offer a natural, balanced and integral diet. All in perfect harmony with its carefully selected raw material and its ingredients of organic origin.

Here we leave the link to their website so you can see their options.



Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos AiresLe Pain Quotidien

This restaurant within the Recoleta Mall is an Organic Bakery that offers croissants, salads, cakes, soups, quiches. This restaurant stands out for using pure ingredients. Every item that they offer combines their just-baked breads with thoughtful, seasonal ingredients.

Green Eat

It has several branches, but Recoleta is one of the largest and most varied it has. Variety of dishes, drinks and bakery for you to enjoy naturally, richly and with fresh products.

Here we leave you their website so you can see all the options they have. Also, they have a Take-Away service without the need to wait!


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