What to do in La Boca, a complete guide to everything this picturesque neighborhood has to offer you!

It is an important place in the history of the Agentina: it is the place where Tango was born and where the colorful houses create a perfect combination with the great passion of soccer.

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Walk the famous street Caminito

what to do in la boca

Surely, you have seen images of a famous street full of colors in Buenos Aires.

It is Caminito, an outdoor exhibition of local artists framed by the old houses of the immigrants who came to Buenos Aires in the early 20th century.

Today, this small street, is the symbol of the origins of tango and of the strong personality of this part of the city.

It is a juxtaposition of colors, shapes and materials, almost like a fantasy place out of reality!

If you want to know the stories behind these famous streets, you can do our Tour in La Boca.

Visit a Conventillo

what to do in la boca

In the Caminito area, is where the conventillos are located.

These are the old houses where immigrants used to live. Many of them are now house souvenir and craft shops. Some are restaurants and others are still family homes.

In our tours we always like to enter the tenement of our friend Matilde, a local from La Boca, who invites us to see the original architecture of her house. But, also, many of these conventillos serve today as commercial galleries and are publicly accessible.

If you are lucky, you will probably find someone playing music inside one!

Admire the Fileteado & the Street Art

what to do in la boca

Fileteado is a unique style of art that developed in Buenos Aires. It is characterized by its bright colors, curved lines and creative compositions generally used to decorate signs and houses in La Boca. You’ll see it all over the neighborhood!

Street art in La Boca, exposes the feelings of the marginalized who had been residents of the neighborhood since its origins. The impressive graffiti murals show the great passion and mythology of La Boca.

Boca Juniors Stadium

what to do in la boca

Boca Juniors is one of the most famous soccer teams in the world. Known for the passion of their fans and the overwhelming number of tournaments won, this team is a great reason to make the people of La Boca very proud.

Its stadium known as La Bombonera is practically, today, a temple of football.

Here we tell you how to get a ticket to see Boca Juniors!


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