Carmelo is a small city in Uruguay located on the shores of the Río de la Plata. It is visited by many Argentinians because it can be reached quickly by crossing the Paraná Delta. Some do so with their own boats as an excursion, while there is also the option to hire a paid service. Like Colonia del Sacramento, Carmelo is a small city that still preserves many traces of history with its old buildings and memories. For this reason, and because of the tranquility it offers, it is a highly visited place.


what to do in carmeloSeré Beach

Just a few minutes from the city center is Seré Beach, a very calm and wave-free beach that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It has a fine sandy coastline, and in summer, you can find many gastronomic establishments to fully enjoy the day.


It is located at one end of Seré Beach and is 100 meters long. Here, you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in Carmelo as the sun sets behind the Río de la Plata, creating a unique spectacle.

what to do in carmeloRotating Bridge

On the way to Seré Beach, you will have to cross the Las Vacas Stream through the Rotating Bridge. It is one of the first rotating bridges on the South American continent, operated by human power. It was built in 1912 to allow passage for large vessels.




what to do in carmeloCarmelo Wineries

The area where the city is located is known for its wine production. You will find many wineries to visit. The best months to take this tour are between June and July since the wineries celebrate the harvest of Tannat, Uruguay’s distinctive grape. However, the famous Carmelo Wine Route can be visited throughout the year. You can take bike rides through the vineyards and even take a nautical tour to Bodega Irurtia. Some of the wineries you can visit are Almacén de la Capilla, Bodega Irurtia, Bodega Campotinto, and Calera de las Huérfanas.


Local Cuisine

In Carmelo, you can enjoy one of Uruguay’s typical dishes, the Chivito. It is usually served on a plate or as a sandwich accompanied by various side dishes. For dessert, you can taste the Chajá, a typical dessert composed of sponge cake, cream, and meringue.

what to do in carmeloNarbona

It is one of the treasures of southern Uruguay. It has been declared a National Historic Monument and is a fascinating excursion that combines nature and history. There, you will find the Narbona Chapel, which has underground tunnels that lead to the stream. At the top of the building, there is a viewpoint that allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of the streams and islands.

If you are looking for a tranquil destination to relax and discover nature and history, Carmelo is one of the standout places.

Map of the atractions

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