A good experience when visiting Argentina is to attend a football stadium to enjoy a party.

A bit of history

tickets for racing clubIn addition to Boca and River, there are many clubs that have their stadium in the city of Buenos Aires and in the outskirts of the city. This is the case of Racing Club, one of the great football teams in Argentina.

Racing Club was the country’s first world champion, and its stadium, known as “el cilindro” or “el coliseo,” is named after Juan Domingo Perón because thanks to a significant loan during his presidency, the stadium could be built. In addition to honoring him in the name, Perón was declared an honorary president and Evita an honorary member.

It was inaugurated in 1950 and is located in the city of Avellaneda, a few blocks from Buenos Aires. It has a capacity of 55 thousand spectators, and each match is usually a party. It’s a great spectacle to enjoy.

Buying tickets to see Racing

If you want to enjoy a match at the Avellaneda’s “cilindro,” you can write to us on this WhatsApp, and we will help you.

Most important players

Great players emerged or had their time at Racing Club, such as Pizzuti, Fillol, Basile, Olartigoechea, Stábile, Milito, Lisandro López, Perfumo, Corbatta, Iglesias, Rubén Paz. Even the legendary Diego Armando Maradona had his beginnings as a coach at the academy.

In this link is the schedule of the current tournament so you can plan your visit to the coliseum.

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