The Coastal Train traverses different coastal neighborhoods of the Buenos Aires province. With its 15.5 kilometers, it runs through the municipalities of Vicente López, San Isidro, San Fernando, and Tigre. The Coastal Train was inaugurated in 1995 and it is a tourist attraction for both locals and tourists.


The Coastal Train route comprises 11 stations connecting Vicente López and Tigre. It’s not just a transfer from one locality to another; it’s a complete experience since you can disembark at various stations to explore their surroundings and then continue your journey with the same ticket.

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coastal train

Prices and Timetables

To find out about ticket prices and train schedules, you can check this website.

What to Do

At each station, you’ll find various attractions to complement your trip. Here’s a brief overview.

  1. Maipú: It’s one of the termini of the train and is located in the Vicente López neighborhood, one block from the Olivos presidential residence, on Maipú Avenue.
  2. Borges: It’s known as the art station. One block away, you can visit Plaza Vicente López and Planes, where you can explore a beautiful artisan fair.
  3. Libertador: Around it, you’ll find important clothing and children’s brands, and there’s an entertainment area at the station.
  4. Anchorena: The highlight is the El Andén restaurant, from where you can contemplate the coast of the Río de la Plata. Also, it’s the closest to the river so you can get off to enjoy some fresh river air in a beautiful park.
  5. Barrancas: Built in wood, it has an English style. There’s a very picturesque Antiques fair.coastal train
  6. San Isidro: Located in the urban area of the town, you’ll find multiple options, from gastronomy to cultural and entertainment. Upon disembarking, you’ll enter Plaza Mitre, and a few meters away, you can visit the San Isidro Cathedral and the Quinta de los Ombúes, which has free admission and is an old colonial estate with a garden, museum, and library.
  7. Punta Chica: This station is home to La Avelina grill, an ideal place to taste the best meats and wines.
  8. Marina Nueva: The highlight of this residential area is the Dutch Café with delicious Dutch pastries.
  9. San Fernando: It’s a stop in the nautical municipality of the province. It’s where the shipyards used to operate in the past. It’s located in a beautiful park and close to the San Fernando Club.
  10. Canal de San Fernando: It’s the train’s operations center, where repairs are carried out.
  11. Delta: The other terminus station that offers entertainment, culture, and nature. Learn more about what to do in Tigre.

Hop on the train and enjoy the Río de la Plata coast combining all kinds of activities.

Map of stations

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