What to do in San Vicente, all the information for you to enjoy a getaway from the bustle of downtown Buenos Aires.

52 km from the center of Buenos Aires, is located this area that used to be large rooms, divided to become the current beautiful place.

In this case, it is not a small town, since it has more than 20,000 inhabitants, a large number of shops, bars, movement of people and a wide variety of restaurants. It has an abundant number of modern low houses, similar to those of the Buenos Aires suburbs. Through some streets, you will see buildings that maintain the tradition of the town and are quite old.

What to do in San VicenteTo get to this place, you can go by car, taking Provincial Route Nº6 from La Plata, Provincial Route Nº58 if you go by Autopista Richieri towards Cañuelas and Provincial Route Nº210. By bus, line 51 from Constitución has an express highway route; in addition, you can go on lines 79, 404, 435 and 503. By train, you must go on the General Roca Line to Alejandro Korn. Remember that public transport is used by using the SUBE Card. Here we tell you how to get it!

Now, let’s see everything you can do in San Vicente:

Historic Helmet

What to do in San VicenteIn the middle of the city, the Main Square (Mariano Moreno) is located, beautifully arranged, full of trees and very clean. In front, is the San Vicente Ferrer Church and on the other side, the Municipal Building. You will notice that both have a perfect state of conservation despite their age!

A few blocks away, you can visit the old San Vicente Station from 1865, which was out of service many years ago. In this building, the “House of the Payadores” was created, which has been operating since 2013, with the declaration of the Payada as Intangible Cultural Heritage. Here, you will find a craft fair, giving a different color to the walk!

San Vicente Lagoon

What to do in San VicenteNear the center, there is this lagoon where the town used to be. Also known as “Lagoon of the Eye”, it is the natural water mirror that has a total of 180 hectares, surrounded by algae, flowers, reeds and huge trees.

Perfect setting for the development of nautical activities, in the open air and an excellent space to enjoy a picnic in the shade of the abundant willows that live here. It has a Municipal Camping with grills, bathrooms and a playground. In turn, the nature reserve is located here, offering an immense variety of fauna and flora to the place.

Gastronomic Pole

This city gradually became an important point of gastronomy that was extremely interesting to visit. It has restaurants, pizzerias, coffee shops, breweries and ice cream parlors for all tastes!

Many people come here, traveling the kilometers that separate from the city center, to enjoy a good meal. In addition, on weekends there are some live shows, children’s shows and music!

Museum October 17

What to do in San VicenteObligatory walk that you cannot miss to experience. It is a wonderful property that, in addition to containing the history of Argentina, has an outdoor space with a huge park for you to enjoy.

It is located on a property that was owned by former President Juan Domingo Perón, which he acquired together with his wife Eva Duarte in 1946. By 1989, it was declared by Law that said property was of public utility, and it passed to become a Historical Museum and Cultural Heritage of the Province of Buenos Aires.

In its total 19 hectares, it has a huge collection of objects and documents that belonged to Perón, being able to visit the Torreón, the Presidential Train and the Main House. In turn, since 2006, the Mausoleum where the remains of General Juan Domingo Perón rest is located on its property.

Open only on Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., with free admission. They also offer guided tours at different times. Here we leave you their profile for more information.

Guerrero Castle

Guerrero CastleAn emblematic place in San Vicente, which, through the years, has kept alive the history of the members who inhabited this site: The Guerrero family.

Point of reference for the inhabitants of San Vicente, it has been a filming set, as well as a meeting center for events. On Sundays, guided tours are held. We leave you their website here!

Provincial Mozzarella Festival

It usually takes place every year in the month of October, being a very touristic and family attraction.

It is a cultural event with free admission, tastings, musical presentations, exhibitions and different activities. More than 100,000 people come here to enjoy this event!


Just a few blocks away is the town of Alejandro Korn, home to the best photography sessions and strategic gastronomic points!

Undoubtedly, San Vicente is a place that you will want to visit, with many attractions for you to enjoy a different trip, either for a day or a whole weekend!

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Map of Attractions

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