Getaways in Buenos Aires, a list of the most beautiful places far from the bustle of the big city, to enjoy a day (or a weekend) in contact with nature.

In the spring/summer season, we are much more tempted by an outdoor plan than by locking ourselves in a small space. Although there are many options to do in the center of Buenos Aires, which we will tell you about here, there are also many others to put together a plan for a weekend or a day out on the outskirts of the city.

Here we have gathered several of them, some of the most interesting, so that you can find a pleasant and beautiful place to escape a bit from the city traffic:


Getaways in Buenos AiresOne of the Buenos Aires classics that never fail. Here you will find many activities to do, such as walking through the Port of Fruits, touring the Paraná River Delta, knowing the colonial-style historical sites or taking a walk through the Museum.

In this note, we tell you how you can get there from Buenos Aires by different means of transport. You can schedule an escape for the day, or arrange everything to spend the night surrounded by nature, since there are several accommodations in the area.

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Getaways in Buenos AiresJust 70 km from the center of Buenos Aires, you can get here by the Sarmiento Train from Once Station, or by bus, if you don’t have a car.

Here, you will find a lot of religious tradition, since the Basilica of Our Lady of Luján is located, to which many followers make a pilgrimage every year and is one of the main attractions of visiting this town. The architectural features of this place are truly imposing and stunning. It is worth visiting! Guided tours are held every day.

Also, you can find the Enrique Udaondo Provincial Museum Complex, which is made up of the Transport Museum, the Colonial and Historical Museum, the “Enrique Peña” Library, the Automobile Museum, the “Federico Fernández de Monjardín” Library and Archive and the “Estanislao Zeballos” Archive.

Also, from here, you can visit the beautiful and picturesque town of Carlos Keen. This site is the cradle of many visual and photography scenarios.

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Getaways in Buenos AiresWith more industrial characteristics, with many green spaces to connect with nature, this place is only 85 km from the center of Buenos Aires.

You can enjoy boat rides leaving the coast of Paraná of the Palms, enjoy the municipal spa, fish in boats or visit the natural estate of the Ciervo de los Pantanos National Park with 3,000 hectares of enjoyment completely immersed in nature. In this park, you can walk its wonderful trails and enjoy the local fauna and flora.

Here we tell you much more!


Getaways in Buenos AiresIt is the first town in Buenos Aires declared of National Historic Interest. Here, their original way of life and architecture is preserved.

You can get there by the Miter Branch Train, combining with the branch to Capilla del Señor or using the Line 57 bus from Plaza Italia.

Of the attractions that you cannot miss, we recommend you visit the cemetery in the center of the square, the Roma room, the Posada del Palomar from 1838, the Parish Temple, the Los Ombúes grocery store, the Immigrants’ Social Club and the Old House Miralejos.

Also, you will find the Museum of Buenos Aires Journalism, where the old typewriters reside, as well as the presses for printing the newspapers of that time.

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San Antonio de ArecoIt is one of the most important towns in Buenos Aires, a wonderful combination of local culture, history, river, countryside and all the gaucho tradition.

You can arrive by bus leaving from Retiro, since it is located 120 km away.

The center of this town is Arellano Square, where the main buildings are located: the San Antonio de Padua Parish, the Civil Registry, the Municipality and the Police Station.

A few meters from the square is the Draghi Family Museum and Silver Workshop, whose doors opened in 1960. Here you will find a large collection of gaucho pieces from the 19th century. We tell you more here!


San VicenteArea of ​​fields, in the opposite direction to the rest of the attractions that we mentioned, but which became a tourist destination with a Lagoon as its main attraction. It is located 57 km from the city and here you can enjoy different recreational activities.

In addition, it has an Ecological Reserve, so you can also connect with nature. In turn, you can enjoy a field day in one of its residences with full service.

In case you want to have a more cultural tour, you can visit the October 17th Historical Museum in the former residence of former president Juan Domingo Perón, where his remains rest.

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Map of Attractions

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