What to do in Campana, all the information for you to enjoy one of the most picturesque towns in Buenos Aires.

Located 75 km from the city center, it is located on the banks of the Paraná Guazú River. Linked to the Argentine coast, it has beautiful landscapes and green spaces for you to enjoy a different getaway, with several options to enjoy a weekend!

What to do in CampanaWith industrial characteristics, it is home to a significant number of industries, in addition to having the Campana Industrial Park. For this reason, you will see many companies in the field of packaging, food, furniture manufacturing, among others.

In turn, Campana is known as the “Cradle of the first Argentine automobile”. But before telling you more about this denomination, we clarify that it is not very difficult to reach this municipality. You can go by car, by Panamericana (or Route 9), directly accessing the town. By train, you must use the Miter Train that leaves Retiro bound for Zárate, making a transfer at Villa Ballester. By bus, there is a Chevallier service that leaves from Once, but you can also use line 194 from Retiro, Palermo or Once. Remember that to use public transport, you must have the SUBE Card. We tell you more here!

Undoubtedly, a day on the banks of the river, captivated by the sound of the water and the music of the birds, enjoying nature and the charm of historic architecture, is an excellent plan that you cannot stop experiencing! For this reason, we recommend you visit this city and its varied offers of attractions!

Now, given the indications to get here, let’s see what to do in Campana:

Historic Helmet

What to do in CampanaWith tree-lined and wide streets, an architecture that mixes constructions from the 19th century with modern buildings, enhance the magic of walking the history of Campana.

With Eduardo Costa Square as your starting point, we recommend you visit the Municipal Palace, an emblematic building that was inaugurated in 1934; the Santa Florentina Cathedral, located in front of the main square, has a famous mural by Raúl Soldi and unconventional architecture; the Shopping Center, which goes from the square to the train station; the English Quarter, built by the English community of yesteryear; and the Train Station, whose sides function as the Island House where you can buy artisan products and a rest bar to delight your palate.


Victor Luis Capusso Railway Museum

What to do in CampanaIn 1874 the train arrived at this place for the first time, in the service that went from Retiro to Rosario.

The museum’s premise is to maintain, gather and increase the railway heritage. It has an exhibition room with more than 200 pieces from former workers and private collectors who donated the objects to put this space into operation.


Municipal Automobile Museum “Manuel Iglesias”

Car MuseumIts name is due to the first man who built a car with national materials. This place was inaugurated in 2007. Here, you will be able to see the original prototype of the vehicle that was created more than 100 years ago, which reached 12 km per hour and which, even today, is still in perfect condition.

In addition, you will be able to enjoy the wonders of American and European mechanics. Admission is free.


The Encounter Farm

Farm EncounterTo get here, you will have to cross the Paraná de las Palmas River on a ferry, whether you went by car or by public transportation.

The name of this place comes from the fact that, in front of the house, there are two rivers: the Canal Alem and the Arroyo Las Piedras. Undoubtedly, water is the protagonist of this space.

With 30 hectares for you to get a day, or a weekend to relax, explore the place, enjoy adventures in kayaks or boat rides, harvest pecans, among other attractions, hand in hand with a complete lodging service. Here is their website for more information.


The New Coast

New Coast PromenadeOn the banks of the Paraná River, stands this new Coast Promenade, where you can enjoy outdoor sports, drink mate, fish, enjoy a picnic or simply relax a bit with the passing of the boats and the sound of water.

This new space has games for the little ones, several bike lanes to enjoy a bike ride, two fishing piers, areas with elements for physical activities, benches and tables to eat or drink mate, an area full of trees and pergolas where you will want to take a deep breath and take lots of photos, as well as Ping Pong and chess tables, parking and hot water service completely free.

Undoubtedly, you will find in this place, everything you need to have a different day, outdoors and enjoying the magic and surroundings of the Paraná River.


Swamp Deer National Park

Swamp Deer Nat ParkOne of the most modern National Parks, it is the protector of 5 thousand hectares of the Delta and the islands of the Paraná River. It is one of the most important and preserved wetlands.

The Swamp Deer takes refuge here, hence its name, being the largest deer in South America. In turn, hundreds of birds and mammals rest in this enclosure. It has trails to explore it in its entirety, as well as viewpoints so you can get the best photographs of the place. We leave you the website of the place here.

In this note, we leave you more details!


Boat Ride Walter Di Giuseppe

Boat RideRecognized and loved by all the locals, this tour will be a different and fun experience to add to your visit to Campana.

It is a 30-minute boat ride, where you will be able to appreciate, from the water, the contrast between the nature of the Paraná River Islands and the Alem Canal with the industrial hub of the city.

The minimum number of passengers allowed is 6 people, and the departure is from the Municipal Pier. Here we leave you their profile for more information.


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