Carlos Keen is a picturesque village located just 90 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires and is worth visiting for a unique and pleasant rural experience. It offers historical, gastronomic, cultural, and natural attractions. Here’s what you can do in Carlos Keen.

Historic Center

what to do in carlos keenThe historic center of Carlos Keen is well-preserved, allowing you to step back in time to the early 20th century. You can take a stroll through its cobbled streets and enjoy the colonial architecture. One notable building to visit is the San Carlos Borromeo Church, constructed in 1892, which stands out for its neo-Gothic style. If you’re passionate about history, you can visit the Regional Historical Museum to immerse yourself in the history of this beautiful village and admire the various artifacts and documents that narrate its story.

Local Gastronomy

what to do in carlos keenIn Carlos Keen, you’ll find a wide variety of grills and local restaurants that offer classic Argentine dishes. You can taste the traditional empanadas, the finest cuts of meat, and traditional desserts. A notable place is the Los Girasoles restaurant, located on an organic farm, which offers homemade food with fresh and natural products. Many of the restaurants are restored old buildings, providing you with a historical as well as gastronomic experience.

Rural Bike Rides

A delightful activity is taking a bike ride along the rural roads. As it is an area of fields, there are many rural roads that cross through fields and villages. It’s important to pay attention to the weather, as the roads are unpaved and can become muddy if there has been heavy rain in the previous days.

what to do in carlos keenCultural Events and Craft Fairs

Every Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday, there is an artisan fair behind the Carlos Keen train station. There you can find local products such as leather goods, textiles, food, and decorative objects. Cultural events are also often organized as part of this fair.

Little Forest by the Railway

Just a few blocks from the train station, you can take a nice stroll along the railway and enjoy a bit of nature and the sunset. It’s a 4-block stretch where the vegetation forms a tunnel that is crossed by the train tracks. It’s a very pleasant place for taking photographs.

How to Get There

The easiest way is by car, taking National Route 7 and exiting at the 72km mark. You can also take the 57-Ramal Luján bus. Once you arrive at the Luján terminal, you’ll need to take the 503 bus to Carlos Keen.

Map of attractions

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