Carmelo is a destination that has become very popular lately because it offers many reasons to visit. It is close to Buenos Aires, has nature, history, tranquility, and a lot of cultural tradition. Discover everything you can do in Carmelo by clicking here.

Next, we will tell you how to get to Carmelo and what you will need to consider, as it’s not just about crossing the river, but also crossing the border into Uruguay.

By ferry from Tigre

what to do in carmeloA ferry departs from the Tigre Fluvial Terminal every day. Tickets can be purchased through Buquebús. You can acquire them on this website. The journey takes 3 hours and it’s a beautiful ride through the Paraná Delta.

To get to Tigre, you can consult this article that details all the ways to get there using public transportation. The fastest and most economical way is by train, as it takes 1 hour from the Retiro Station in Buenos Aires.

Documentation to enter Uruguay

Foreign citizens will need to present their passport,and depending on Uruguay’s relations with their countries of origin, they may need to pay for a visa.

For Argentine citizens, the National Identity Document (DNI) is sufficient, although if they are traveling with minors and one parent is absent, they will need to have permission.

Carmelo is a very beautiful destination to visit, as it involves crossing the Delta, with beautiful landscapes of the Río de la Plata, and it’s also possible to disconnect from the city and immerse oneself in the nature, culture, and history of the neighboring country. Do you know Carmelo, have you been? Comment below.

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