In a previous post we started talking about the music that we could find in Argentina. We talked about Tango and places to go in the city to enjoy it. But in Argentina is not all about Tango because we can find other important music styles .

If you travel to other provinces of Argentina you will discover other types of music. Chacarera is one of the most popular. This kind of music is played and danced in the entire country. If you go to a Peña, regional restaurants, you will enjoy regional cuisines, mate and also folk music. In these places is really common to find open stages where people play songs till dawn.  It is a very nice experience to taste Argentinian meals and also listen to some regional music.

Here we show you a few places where you can go:

Del Colorado: Güemes 3657.
Los Cardones: Borges 2180
La Paila: Costa Rica 4848
Empujón del Diablo: Carranza 1969.

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