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Peñas: Folk Music, all the information about where and how to find this amazing place in the city of Buenos Aires.

In a previous post we started talking about the music that we could find in Argentina. We talked about Tango and places to go in the city to enjoy it. But in Argentina is not all about Tango because we can find other important music styles, like Folk (Folclore).

It turns out that Tango, nowadays, is not so popular as we think.

In Buenos Aires, we can find an eclectic style not only in architecture, but also in the entire artistic and cultural environment.

This is why you don’t see much regional music with the naked eye.

However, you can go to different places to enjoy an abundant regional meal with the atmosphere of Argentine music. These regional restaurants are called Peñas. They are found in different parts of the country and, in Buenos Aires, it is possible to find some to go out a bit of the European or North American style, to get into music with creole roots.

In the Peñas, you will enjoy regional music, national dishes (such as empanadas, locro, milanesas, asado) and mate.

All the clubs are characterized by having a stage and, it is frequent, the presence of artists providing a national atmosphere.

Many of these clubs turn into extended after-dinner gatherings with open microphones.

Folk music lovers go to the peñas to listen, but also to play some popular song from this land.

It is a very beautiful experience that is out of the ordinary, outside of the great dinner with a show that can be found referring to Tango.

In some of them, you can also find Tango. You just have to check the agenda of the place.

Here are some of the clubs you can find in the city of Buenos Aires:

Los Cardones

peñas folk musicIt is a traditional meeting place, which displays the customs of Salta.

Among the regional meals, they offer Empanadas Salteñas, Tamales, Humita in Chala and Locro. In addition, they offer other foods such as pizza, milanesas, cold cuts, meats and salads.

For drinking, they have a great selection of wines.

Unfortunately, they do not have their own website, but if you have a Facebook user, here is the direct link to be updated on the shows and schedules.


Asociación Folclórica La Paila


peñas folk musicAlso located in Palermo they offer Empanadas, Stews, Cazuelas, Tamales, Picadas, Sanguches (vegetarian too).

In addition to shows, they offer workshops and activities.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find an updated website.





If you travel to other provinces of Argentina you will discover other types of music. Chacarera is one of the most popular. This kind of music is played and danced in the entire country.


Map of Atractions

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