Full day in Palermo: Parks, culture and much to know!

In addition to our Free Tours in Buenos Aires, we also have suggested itineraries. These are tours that you can do on your own. In this case we introduce you a full day in Palermo.

Visit Palermo Parks

Palermo is a huge neighborhood, in fact, it is the largest in the city of Buenos Aires, subdivided with several different names, which only porteños can understand the limits (Palermo Viejo, Palermo Soho, etc).

In turn, there are multiple green spaces that can be visited and enjoyed, close to tourist areas and accommodation.
One of the most beautiful places is the Rosedal: rose gardens mixed with trees, bridges and important monuments.
Crossing Avenida Alcorta you can see the park where the Planetarium is.

In this note, you can find more information about the Parks of Palermo.

Here are two options to choose from:

A) Botanical Garden, Street Art & Traditional Music

  • Enter to the Botanical Garden: free entry to the most complete vegetation space in the city. Endemic and foreign species meet in the middle of the city of Buenos Aires. Also, inside there is a beautiful neo-medieval castle. Here we tell you more!
  • Take a Lunch in Palermo: from the Botanical Garden to Plaza Serrano there are multiple options for lunch, from fast food outlets to cute restaurants with lunch menus.
  • Tour of Street Art in Palermo: We offer a Street Art Tour in Palermo (at the moment only in English). Once the tour is finished, you can have a snack in Palermo, visit the commercial premises or the Plaza Serrano fair if it is the weekend. At night they can choose two cultural options:

full day in palermo-Dance some Tango: a good way to acquire Argentine traditions is to put them into practice! In Palermo, there is a Milonga where you can go to learn Tango, have dinner and dance the night away. On this site you can find the schedules.

-Peña of Folk Music: you can go to dinner at a Peña to enjoy native Argentine food and folk music. Here you will find more information.

B) Parks & Chinatown:
full day in palermoNear the Planetarium there are food stalls where they sell Chorizos or Meat Sandwiches, if not. they will have to bring lunch.
Continuing along Avenida Alcorta, from the Planetarium or the Rosedal, you will discover other wonderful parks with lagoons and many birds to discover.
Crossing all the parks you can get to the Chinatown and walk its streets, being able to dine there and return by public transport, since there is a Terminal with multiple bus, train and subway lines. See details of the route.
You can see the route below!


  1. Brian Murphy

    I am looking forward to coming to Buenos Aires soon.
    Can you clarify – you advertise free walking graffiti tour in Palermo on Monday to SATURDAY.
    However, your ” Full day in Palermo” page states no graffiti tours on weekends and further down the page it states only on Monday to Friday.
    Do you have the graffiti walking tour on a Saturday ??
    Thank you for your help

    1. User Free Walks Post author

      Hi Brian, thanks for writing! Yes, we are running the Graffiti Tour from Monday to Saturday! Sorry for the inconvenience Looking foward to meet you! Regards!

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