What to do in Caballito, a guide with the best activities and attractions in this neighborhood, not so touristy.

Caballito is a neighborhood located in the geographic center of the city of Buenos Aires. Although it is not usually a must for tourists who visit the city, nowadays, it is one of the most residential neighborhoods in Buenos Aires and an iconic place in the life of all porteños, so we recommend it for all those who are very interested in visiting places outside the tourist classics, or in their second visit to the city.

The neighborhood owes its name to the grocery store that Don Nicolás Vila installed in 1821 on the corner of current Av. Rivadavia and Emilio Mitre, and which was recognized for its typical weather vane in the shape of a little horse.

Here you can find a guide to know what places to visit and what activities we can do in Caballito:

Centennial Park (Parque Centenario)

It is one of the most famous parks in Buenos Aires, being the meeting point of neighbors,
what to do in caballitoVisitors and families from the Caballito neighborhood and surroundings of the geographic center of the city, framed in streets and avenues that cross the city and that are crossed by thousands of porteños every day.

The park was built on the occasion of the Argentine Centennial in 1910 and consists of a large lake and various sculptures that make up a romantic walk, to which a large amphitheater was later added in the 50s where public shows are held, and with various institutions and buildings of outstanding architecture.

Around and on the park are: the Naval Hospital, an avant-garde work of the famous brutalist architect Clorindo Testa that imitates a great ship made a building, the association of friends of astronomy, a rationalist building with a radar and observatory, the Institute of Zoonosis Luis Pasteur in a picturesque building, various hospitals and the Bernardino Rivadavia Museum of Natural Sciences, which we will talk about in the next point.

Here we leave you a note about this great park in Caballito.


Bernardino Rivadavia Museum of Natural Sciences

what to do in caballitoThe Bernardino Rivadavia Museum of Natural Sciences is the oldest in the country, founded in 1812. It was located in several historic buildings in downtown Buenos Aires until 1937 when it was moved to the Centennial Park. A unique building was built there, specially designed for the Museum, which has incredible ornaments on its façade that allude to the natural world, with iron works on the doors in the shape of a spider web and bas-reliefs of animals and plants. With a collection of dinosaur fossils and various animal species, it is undoubtedly a good place to visit with children and as a family.

Check this article to learn more about this amazing museum of Natural Sciences.


English Neighborhood

what to do in caballitoIn Buenos Aires, different sectors were called “English neighborhoods” that were destined to the construction of houses for workers, mostly English railroads. In 1923 a series of houses of different neoclassical, Tudor and neo-Renaissance architectures were built in this sector of Caballito, which today is one of the most luxurious and exclusive places, with picturesque houses and quiet streets, a really beautiful place to visit.


Rivadavia Park

what to do in caballitoLocated on Rivadavia Avenue and on the grounds of the old Quinta Lezica, Rivadavia Park is a very popular place for residents and a pleasant place to go for a walk. There, you will find the impressive Monument to Simón Bolívar and several trails with various sculptures and fountains. In addition, you will find the largest fair to buy books and magazines of yesteryear.

Here we leave you a note about this great Park!



Patio de los Lecheros

what to do in caballitoIt is the new Caballito Gastronomic Pole, following the latest global trends, located in the characteristic railway estate that was the station where the milk production from the interior of the country arrived. A very nice place to go for a drink, lunch or dinner.

Here we tell you more details about this huge space full of options for all tastes.



Basílica Nuestra Señora of Buenos Aires

caballito basílicaIt is one of the most beautiful neo-gothic temples in the city. The most fascinating thing is to see its symbols and images and the story that each one tells: for example, the doors pay homages to the Spanish Solís, Mendoza and Garay, related to the founding of Buenos Aires; or, also, the dressing room of the “Virgin General” dedicated to the Virgin of Mercy, general of the northern army to whom Manuel Belgrano entrusted the baton of command, placing himself under her protection in the northern campaign.


Luis Perlotti Museum

museo parlottiThis museum dedicated especially to the sculpture and works of Argentine artists is located where the Argentine sculptor Luis Perlotti’s workshop used to be, who donated the entire collection upon his death. The museum has the Perlotti collection, with a special Americanist theme, as well as two large murals by Benito Quinquela Martín and many other great national works.





– If you go to Caballito on the weekend, you will be able to take a ride on the Typical Historic Tram. Here we leave the website for you to see days and times.


Map of Attractions

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