EcoRoute of Buenos Aires, a simple path, but surrounded by green spaces for you to visit the areas of the Río de la Plata region.

In addition, we are going to tell you everything you can do in each neighborhood that surrounds this beautiful walk.

In the city, the ecological reserves are protected areas of green spaces, which keep the best views of the Río de la Plata and the Paraná Delta. In this case, we will stay by the River so that you can do the journey in the same day.

You can start the tour in the order in which we present it here or vice versa, depending on where you prefer to finish the circuit.

Now, let’s see this beautiful path full of species of flora and fauna, and what you can do on foot or by bicycle …

EcoRoute of Buenos AiresWe will start at the famous Ecological Reserve, located on the coast of the River. Here we leave you a note with all the specifications of the Reserve so that you find out everything you are going to be able to enjoy in this huge outdoor space. Nearby, you will find the traditional Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Telmo, with many attractions that we tell you in this other note.

Leaving this Reserve, the next stop is at the Ciudad Universitaria Reserve. For this, and in order not to leave the coastal path, we recommend that you continue along the streets that follow the path of the River.

Prior to the University Reserve, you will pass through the Palermo neighborhood, so here, we leave you a note with everything you can visit in this huge site in case you want to deviate a bit from the coast path. You will be able to see the Planetarium, the Palermo Parks, the Floralis Generic and much more!

EcoRoute of Buenos AiresIf we continue on our way, we will continue straight on Av. Costanera Rafael Obligado, until we reach Aeroparque and continue a little more along that same street until we reach the internal streets that allow you to enter the Ecological Reserve of Ciudad Universitaria. Before that, you can visit the Memory Park, so we leave you more information in this note so that you know what it is about.

Alright, if you made it this far, we’re only halfway here and the last pull is missing!

EcoRoute of Buenos AiresThe next stop is the Vicente López Ecological Reserve, but the entire journey there has a beautiful corridor that runs along the river and is known as the Vicente López Waterfront. Here, you will notice that you are on the Province side and not the Capital side.

Along this way, you are going to do the Walk of Vicente López, of which we will tell you everything here. Then, in order to get to the Ecological Reserve, you will have to leave the coast a bit since the streets are cutting off. Likewise, if you follow our map you will not be able to get lost or you will do more kilometers.

The Reserve itself has paths that run along the river that will bring you closer to our latest attraction. Here you will see a View Point at the River to take beautiful photographs of the incredible view that this space offers you.

North RiverbankThen, you must go down Sebastián Elcano street, to be able to arrive at the Municipal Natural Park of North Riverbank. In this area, and along this street, is where a string of bars with direct views of the coast begins, so if you need a break, it is the right place to have an aperitif and enjoy a chill moment of relaxation.

Continuing along Sebastián Elcano, you will run into Almafuerte street (or the next one, Los Álamos) where you must turn right and you will arrive at the Park.

To return to the capital, from here, you will have several bus lines that bring you closer to your area. For this we recommend you go to the main avenues that are Libertador or Santa Fe. In case you have gone by bicycle or want to walk back, you can go back the same way, but in reverse.

In total, the complete walk is approximately 22km. Also, you can do it in two times if it seems like a long journey for the same day.

Here we leave you the map with the route so you can choose where to go and how to build your own walking circuit:

Map of EcoRoute

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