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As is well known the Americas has been explored by several European countries, including Spain and Portugal. They conquered indigenous lands and inculcated or imposed, depends on the perspective, their culture and religion. Therefore it is possible to find that the dominant religion in the continent is Christianity. Most of the people of the different countries are Catholic.

The Catholic Church has always been known for its magnificent art and economy
. Churches are ostentatious temples full of luxury. That is why we propose to take a tour of the most important churches of the City of Buenos Aires.

Basílica María Auxiliadora y San Carlos

It was built in 1910 and it is an icon of Catholicism in the city of Buenos Aires. It presents an eclectic style combining Lombard and Byzantine movement among others. In this Basilica the Pope Francis was baptized in Christmas of 1936. (map)

maria auxiliadoraBasílica San José de Flores  

Known today as the Church of Pope Francis’ childhood, it was inaugurated in 1883 in the neighborhood of Flores, next to Plaza Pueyrredon. The subway line A has a station called Flores that is located next to the church. (map)

Basílica de Santísimo Sacramento 

Taking our free morning tour will see the facade of this imposing church. It was built by the Anchorena family and the interior is decorated with white marble, Venetian mosaic, onyx and bronze. It has the largest organ of the city and it is recommendable to attend celebrations to enjoy its melodies. (mapbasilica-del-santisimo

Iglesia de San Ignacio
It was the first Catholic church built in Buenos Aires. Construction began in 1675 and is part of the so-called Manzana de las Luces with the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires and the old building of the University of Buenos Aires among other historical buildings. (map)

Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Pilar 

It is located in Recoleta and is an important spot of our free tour in Buenos Aires. It was built in 1732 by the Franciscan Recoleto Friars who lived in the convent next to it, today the Recoleta Cultural Center. It is the second oldest temple in the city and a popular place that stands next to the Recoleta Cemetery. (map)iglesia del pilar


Santuario Eucarístico Jesús Sacramentado

This temple was built in the XIX century and it was converted into a Eucharistic Shrine by Pope Francis when he was Cardinal of Buenos Aires due to the pastoral needs of the neighborhood of Almagro. It is an imposing building with access on Corrientes Avenue. (map)


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