In the XXth century Argentina experienced a big immigration wave. There were a lot of people coming from different parts of the world looking for shelter and new opportunities. The Italians represent an important community in Argentina. They spilled their culture through the entire country and that’s why you are going to find a lot of Pizzerias and Heladerias.

In this post we designed a Pizzeria Free Tour for you, so you can visit the most important and historic pizzerias of Buenos Aires. The idea of this Pizzeria Free Tour is to taste different kinds of pizza in different places, that’s why we recommend eating just one slice of pizza in each place.

At the end you will be able to choose which one was the best. We invite you to share your verdict answering this post! Good luck and as we said in Argentina, ¡Buen Provecho!

Pizzerias Free Tour:
1) Guerrin: Av. Corrientes 1368.
2) Banchero: Av. Corrientes 1300.
3) Rey: Av. Corrientes 961.
4) Las Cuartetas: Av. Corrientes 838.


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