Where to Stay in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is overwhelmingly big, so as you are planning your visit, you might feel a bit confused as regards where to stay. If you want to stay in safe and easy-to-get neighborhoods that are near the main attractions of the city, this post has been written for you.

Here’s a map taken from google maps of Buenos Aires F.D. You want your accommodation to be inside the green area in the neighborhoods of Palermo, Recoleta, Retiro, San Nicolás, Montserrat, San Telmo or Puerto Madero. Look for more details below the map!

















(Palermo is a very big neighborhood. These items refer to the area called “Palermo Soho” which is where most hotels and hostels are)palermo


+Full of great restaurants, bars and pubs. Great for foodies and for going out. Sophisticated.
+Very Safe by day and night.
+It’s beautiful and fashion. Trendy!


-Good access to public transportation only if staying close to Santa Fe street where you can take the metro. If not, you need to walk to it.
-Not many popular tourist attractions close by foot.
-A bit far from the city center.

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+Great for people who like architecture, art and culture. Sophisticated.
+Close to an enormous amount of popular tourist attractions and museums.
+Rapid access to everywhere else in the city by metro.
+Very safe by day and night.


-Nightlife not so active but you can still find many fancy restaurants and bars.

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+Being the city center and financial district, has amazing access to everywhere else in the city by metro or bus.
+Overwhelming amount of tourist attractionsin the area
+All types of hotels and hostels, from very expensive to very cheap
+Full of theaters and concert halls.


-Very busy and chaotic during week days.  Locals work here.
-Great contrast between areas. While in some parts there is an active nightlife and after office activities, other ones get deserted by night and might be dodgy late in the day.


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+Great for people looking hostels. Cheap!
+Unique personality, different than the rest of the city. Quaint!
+Picturesque coffees, good restaurants. Places to go out that have their unique bohemian personality.


-You need to walk to the city center or Av 9 de Julio for the metro or to take buses.
-Safe during the day, but you need to be a bit more carefull by night.
-Not the best if looking for class and sophistication.


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+Great for people looking for an upscale experience.  Fancy.
+Very Safe by day and night.
+Good amount of restaurants and places to go out.
+Modern, beautiful and clean neighborhood.


– Limited access to public transportation, you need to walk to the city center or take taxis.
– Very expensive.
– Being the newest and modern area in BA it’s heartless if you are looking for a traditional place with local culture.


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  1. Ho

    where is the best place to go where it is safe? I will paying a visit there soon next month

    please return my message.

    Thank you

    1. User Free Walks Post author

      All the areas described on the article are safe. We make emphasis on safety when talking about going out at night. For that, Palermo and Recoleta are the Best. San Telmo close to Defensa Street is nice too with active night life and Retiro close to Corrientes or Sta Free street the same. If your intentions are to go out by day and come after dinner back to your hostel/hotel to rest, any of the described should be ok. Whateve you need write us an e-mail we have faster response that way.

  2. Sofie

    I would like to express there is no “securest” neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. Like in every cosmopolitan city the major concentration of tourists call the thieves. It happen in every major city in the world.
    Palermo is safe is not really a truth.
    You need to be aware and use the common sense to be safe walking the city.

    1. User Free Walks Post author

      Hi Sofie, thanks for your input! Yes, It is true that Buenos Aires is extremely big to have really safe areas, but we consider that between the Barrios that we recommend, and acording to the areas where the hotels are, Palermo is one of the best choices in terms of security. Cheers!

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