What to do in Recoleta, a complete guide on the best places to visit.

Recoleta is a great neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires and there are multiple activities to do, from impressive aristocratic palaces to the beautiful parks that surround the neighborhood.

Let’s take a walk through the highlights of Recoleta. Good news: all activities are free!

Here is a list of what to do in Recoleta.

Avenida Alvear (Alvear Avenue)

Walking along the most attractive avenue of the city you will find large mansions that used to belong to different families of the aristocracy.

Most of them today are embassies, hotels or public buildings. Almost entirely you can appreciate the French style, but there are some unusual styles on the streets of the neighborhood.

To learn deeply about these palaces and their families you can join our Recoleta Free Walking Tour, or you can simply walk on your own and enjoy the architecture and art galleries that decorate the avenue.

Recoleta Cemetery

At the end of Alvear Avenue appears the Alvear Plaza. If you have the opportunity to visit it on a weekend, you will find a great artisan fair.

Next to the Church of Pilar, is the first public cemetery in the city. Renowned for its works of art and impressive mausoleums.

The cemetery is open every day from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm. At the entrance they distribute maps to find the most famous vaults, such as Evita Perón’s. If you are interested in doing a Tour through the Cemetery, click here!

El Ateneo bookstore

what to do in recoletaIf you go in the direction of Avenida Santa Fe, you will approach the most important bookstore in the country, El Ateneo Splendid.

In the same building that used to be a theater, today, you can enjoy a library of thousands of books, CDs and even a café to admire the frescoes and luxurious balconies.

To learn more about El Ateneo, you can review this article.

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts)Fine arts museum

Following along Avenida Libertador you will be surprised by a large building that stands out from the parks, the most important Museum in Buenos Aires.

With free admission, this museum stands out for the large collection of art inside.

Learn more about this museum and the best in the city in this article.

Once you are here, you can turn around and admire the building of the University of Law of Buenos Aires, an immense construction, located next to a beautiful park where the famous great Floralis Generica of the city rests.

To keep us informed about schedules and protocols given the world situation of COVID-19, we leave the Museum website here.

Floralis Generica


This giant metal flower is today one of the most famous monuments in Buenos Aires.

Donated by an Argentine architect to the city, in the 2000s, this impressive structure is an engineering masterpiece that unfolds in sunlight and closes at night.

It is right next to the beautiful Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires and surrounded by the great parks of Recoleta!

It opens every morning at 8am and closes at sunset.

National Library

what to do in recoletaFor lovers of modern architecture, or for passionate readers, the National Library is located a few blocks away, continuing along Avenida Libertador.

This building, inaugurated in 1992, is an example of the Brutalist style, highlighted, among other things, for showing off raw concrete in sight. In addition, the building features an auditorium to enjoy music and hundreds of reading spaces accompanied by a view of the river and part of the neighborhood.


-Surely, between so many activities and time that Recoleta will demand, you will feel a little hungry and tired. The good thing is that around all these places it is possible to find cafes, markets and restaurants to continue discovering the city with energy.

-Here we leave you a note about plans to enjoy a whole day in this beautiful neighborhood.

Map of Attractions

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